Max Verstappen: “Next time we will get those points we deserved…”

Max Verstappen says he will come back stronger after the frustration of his Monaco accident and the subsequent five-place grid penalty for the Canadian GP.

The Dutchman took to his Instagram account tonight to tell his side of the story.

“Was an eventful race last week,” he wrote. “Showed good pace during the race with some overtaking in Monaco! After an unlucky pitstop I was charging through the field before I got brake tested and had a hard crash into turn1!

“Anyway those things happen and will make me stronger! Next time we will get those points we deserved… Even though we have a penalty. I know what to do for the upcoming races…”

He then added: “Just came back from the physio. Everything back in place and ready to go again. Canada will be great for some overtaking again.”


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6 responses to “Max Verstappen: “Next time we will get those points we deserved…”

  1. Paul

    Max was the talk of the town all weekend; the crash was at best a racing incident. Keep doing your thing, we’re ALL enjoying your bright skills! #GoMax

  2. MCB

    3 overtakes in Monaco in your 1st time there. It’s impressive.

    That Verstappen still feels like he was breaktested even after the stewards of the race thought otherwise says one thing: Grosjean (had to) break(ed) way earlier then Max did. Would like to see the data from Grosjean compared to the laps before. Maybe he was looking in his mirrors too much.

    As for Massa, Nasr and the others that think it shows that Max is in F1 too early… The kid was doing a lot better then you were doing on a track that you’ve been around a couple of times. Take a look in the mirror before making a comment about another driver.

    • hlg8888

      Fully agree. Anyone who has done a bit of racing knows that it is a defensive tactic, not obvious but just a slight nudge on the brakes will do to scare most off but Max is special. If Grosjean was indeed guilty of braketesting, he would be guilty of an attempt of manslaughter annd should be handed a raceban, his second and also the only two handed out since 93. It is fitting that F1’s two most dangerous drivers are from Lotus, desperately trying to hang on to their seats!

    • Regarding Massa and Grosjean criticizing the age of Max:

      EVEN IF Max was at fault, it’s has nothing to do with his age or experience. Massa has screwed up before, and Grosjean himself came within INCHES of decapitating Alonso at Spa. It’s called being human. It’s called a racing incident.

      They are being massive hypocrites here by slinging mud.

  3. I read it differently to Max.
    I think Grosjean was letting him go, hence the not-covering the inside and braking early. Romain probably sensed that Max was going to crash into someone and didn’t want it to be him.
    And because Max was setting himself up for a late jink, rather than setting himself up early, he got caught by surprise. The penalty is harsh though.

  4. DeNak

    @MCB You’ve hit the head of the nail

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