Button resigned to drive through penalty in race

Jenson Button expects to take a drive through penalty in the Canadian GP in addition to starting from the back of the grid.

Button said on Twitter: “Tough day today but we’ll stay strong even though I’ll be starting last with a drive through penalty to take!”

Although there has been no formal confirmation from the team, that suggests that he has taken fifth engine elements after the failure in FP3 that kept him out of qualifying.

Prior to today he was on his fourth MGU-H and fourth turbo. By taking the fifth examples of each he will get a 10-place penalty for the first, and a five-place penalty for the second.

Because he is at the back of the grid, he cannot fulfil the 15-place penalty. And under the FIA rules for failing to take 10-15 places he will have to do a drive through.

Max Verstappen is in a slightly different situation, in that since he has fewer untaken penalty places he gets a 10s penalty, which will be added at his first regular stop.


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2 responses to “Button resigned to drive through penalty in race

  1. Mick

    I wonder if they really had to take fifth units or chose to use the opportunity to bring them into play for future races because he was already starting from the back? Now that penalties don’t carry over from one race to the next seems sensible to me to take multiple hits in one race rather than 5 places here, 5 places there.

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