Kimi Raikkonen: “There is no way I could control it any more…”

Kimi Raikkonen’s spin in the Canadian GP was related to software settings catching the Finn out on his first lap out of the pit lane.

Raikkonen lost third place due to the incident, and had to make an extra pit stop for tyres before salvaging fourth. He also had a similar spin last year.

It is something that we know now,” he said after the race. “And probably should have been more smart about it and been able to avoid it. I don’t know how to explain it is on the edge, you move the pedal a little bit and you get massive difference on the torque, and there is no way I could control it any more. So, it happened last year but it is slightly different thing but same ending.

It is something that is to do with the pit stop maps and stuff like that. It it is not to do with the tyres or anything else. It is an unfortunate thing but it happens. We have to learn those things, and improve.

It is a stupid thing but it happens, so we have to learn from it and obviously it hurt us in the race but disappointing results in the end. We wanted more but it is what it is.”

Raikkonen said it was hard to properly judge the upgrades Ferrari brought to Canada.

We were hoping for a better result and better speed against them, but I think this circuit really is going to show you the difference if you are lacking or something. I am sure the upgrades that we did was good, it works a expected and we still have to work hard and improve things overall, but I am sure when we go to more normal circuits we should be stronger. We know where the differences are, we were hoping to be a bit more close fight and a better result.”


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7 responses to “Kimi Raikkonen: “There is no way I could control it any more…”

  1. DW

    On the close-up replay you could actually his head jolt backwards as the power kicked in just before the spin.

    He may have got third without the spin, but he would still have been 30sec behind the Merc’s.

    Vettel came out of his final stop 55sec behind Hamilton and closed that down to 49 by the end of the race. That must give Ferrari some hope.

    • SI

      The Mercs only one-stopped compared to Ferrari’s two-stops. Vettel was on full attack to get through the traffic. The Mercs were managing tyres, fuel and brakes so didn’t show their maximum race pace.

  2. DW – far too simplistic to say that. The spin ruined his tyres and he spent laps stuck behind the very-fast-in-a-straight-line Williams and couldn’t overtake. Then pitted again. He should have been fighting for the win yesterday but things went against him.

  3. Michael S

    Did not like the “boss” coming out saying “I expected him not only to hold his position on the podium but also to move forward. This is not good. There are no excuses; a podium has been thrown away,”

    There is ZERO chance the Ferrari had the pace to beat either of the Merc’s. This tells me he is done with Kimi sadly.

    • Off Track

      Even if he is done with Kimi as you say, which I myself don’t believe but still, the decent thing to do if you are critical of your driver is not to say anything publicly. Actually he backtracked in his second press statement to saying he cannot blame Kimi. That is because he found out the facts from the team, but alas, that was after he had vent his blind anger on Kimi.

      if he thinks Bottas is a better alternative to KR then he is deluded and will deeply regret that folly as well as the size of his mouth.

  4. Michael S

    I hope you are right Off Track

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