FIA confirms Austrian grid with Alonso and Button at the back

The FIA has issued a provisional Austrian GP that takes into account the engine penalties handed out to the Red Bull and McLaren drivers.

Although they have 10 place penalties, Dany Kvyat only drops seven places from eighth to 15th, while Daniel Ricciardo goes only four spots from 14th to 18th. That because the multiple penalties mean that drivers who go back then regain places as other penalties are applied.

The penalties were applied in the order of notification to the FIA that there would be an engine change. Red Bull told the FIA as long ago as 2.43pm on Monday, while McLaren’s message was sent at 4.25pm on Tuesday. It’s not a matter of when the new elements were actually used on the track.

The grid now reads: 1st HAM; 2nd ROS; 3rd VET; 4th MAS; 5th HUL, 6th BOT; 7th VES; 8th NAS; 9th GRO; 10th MAL; 11th ERI; 12th SAI; 13th PER; 14th RAI; 15th KVY; 16th MER; 17th STE; 18th RIC; 19th ALO; 20th BUT.

Button, Alonso and Ricciardo will also have to take penalties in the race in respect of grid places that were not used up, with BUT destined to perform a 10 second stop and go penalty, ALO a drive through, and RIC a 5s time penalty as his first pit stop.

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One response to “FIA confirms Austrian grid with Alonso and Button at the back

  1. Tony Dowe

    Is it not time to recognise that we have a “Drivers” championship and a “Constructors” championship! Why should a driver be penalised because a manufacturer or the constructor engine partner dont get their act together?
    Just deduct constructor point’s, which is money at the end of the day, and let the paying public watch a race without the BS of cars with 25 place grid penalty’s!
    I’m sure if Red Bull Racing had Renault paying them for the amount of revenue that dont get from Bernie at the end of each year we would hear a whole lot less about grid penaltys.
    Who ever thought up this grid penalty scheme needs taking out to the wood shed and be given a stiff talking too.

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