“So many possibilities” for 2016, says Button

Jenson Button declined to say anything about his future today, despite speculation that he is on the verge of retiring from F1.

British media have even suggested that Jenson could become part of the Top Gear TV show team.

McLaren has an option on Jenson for 2016. It’s understood that his salary was due to make a big step up next year, but that the team has offered him the chance to stay but only for the same money that he is receiving this year. That would presumably entail a new contract being drawn up. However even if the team wants him to stay on Jenson could clearly make the decision to walk away of his own volition.

Meanwhile GP2 star Stoffel Vandoorne is waiting in the wings and currently appears to be a more likely choice than Kevin Magnussen, should Jenson not drive.

I can’t give you anything else,” said Button. “Since the last race there’s no more information to give you. You’re going to have to wait for a little while I’m sorry to say but we’re in good talks, the team and myself so, that’s it.

We’re here to concentrate on this weekend. It’s a big weekend for us. McLaren-Honda in front of Honda’s home crowd at their circuit. We hope that we can have a good weekend. Obviously the weather mixes it up a little bit which I think is what we need to be properly competitive so yeah, we’re focussing on this weekend and hoping for a reasonable result.”

Inevitably Jenson was pressed on the subject, but he remained tight-lipped.

There’s so many possibilities of what could happen next year. So many possibilities but I’ve got nothing else for you I’m sorry to say.”

The speculation about Button was fuelled in part by comments he made after retiring in the Singapore GP, when his disappointment was clear.

I don’t think any driver has joy when they’re not fighting for victories. That’s what we’re here to do, that’s what we love. It’s the challenge of fighting at the front and the possibility of fighting at the front. So, no. I don’t like finishing 14th. I don’t like finishing tenth. That’s not what gives me joy, that’s not what excites me – but there are so many other things that, if they work in your favour, or if you see a future, there’s the possibility of joy coming back and that’s exciting. That’s a challenge. But no, after the Singapore Grand Prix I wasn’t joyful.”


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2 responses to ““So many possibilities” for 2016, says Button

  1. Mick

    I’m sure he’s going from McLaren. He was a different man in Singapore, all of his radio with the team was quite negative and while he may have the off moment of frustration, that’s not his usual way.

  2. Lars

    Wonder if he could do Top Gear and still compete at WEC? That would be having your cake and eating it too!

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