Magnussen “deserves to have a Formula 1 career,” says Dennis

McLaren has somewhat belatedly officially confirmed that Kevin Magnussen has been dropped for 2016 via a statement from Ron Dennis.

The Dane’s option with the team came up on September 30 but following the confirmation of Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso insisting that he is not going anywhere else, and Stoffel Vandoorne winning the GP2 title, it was clear that there was no room for him next year. He was told by email on October 5th, his birthday.

Even without Vandoorne’s emergence as the man most likely to replace ALO or BUT Magnussen was always adamant that he would not spend another year as a reserve driver. However, he could yet be on the 2016 grid as he remains in contention for a Lotus/Renault drive.

Speaking on Twitter today he said: “Shame it didn’t work out but I’ll never give up on the dream.”

In confirming Magnussen’s departure, Dennis said: “Kevin has always done a very impressive and professional job for McLaren in the five years since he joined our Young Driver Programme in 2010.

In 2014 he raced very well alongside Jenson, who is a hugely experienced and very quick World Champion. Kevin’s Grand Prix debut in Melbourne last year was rewarded with a podium that day that he, and we, can be justifiably proud of.

Kevin has continued to work hard for us in 2015, supporting Fernando and Jenson, although he was understandably frustrated not to be racing. He is extremely keen to return to racing next year, and, in keeping with our tradition with our young drivers, we will not stand in the way of his ability to fulfil his ambition and potential.

He is a very talented racing driver, and he deserves to have a Formula 1 career, as Jenson has publicly said.

Evidently, we have no space for him at McLaren-Honda as a race driver next year, but there is no shame in being edged out by two World Champions, Fernando and Jenson. We wish Kevin well, and will do all we can to help him successfully embark on the next chapter of his racing career.”


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13 responses to “Magnussen “deserves to have a Formula 1 career,” says Dennis

  1. StuBeck

    Pretty terrible of McLaren to tell him via e-mail, but I guess that shouldn’t be much of a surprise. They never really seemed like the touchy feely types.

    • petes

      That was cold and low. So just like is father, they’ve screwed him over….

      • GeorgeK

        To his credit Kevin pressed the issue; race me or release me. But sending him an email on his birthday? Either the ultimate gift (you’re free) or a cheap shot.

        F1 being what it is, if he can sharpen his craft no doubt McLaren would have him back. After all they took back the pirate Alonso.

  2. Lars

    Dennis is a real peach of a guy… email indeed.

  3. Steve W

    e-mail… there must be more to the story here…

    • Lars

      Apparently there is: email didn’t even come from Dennis but his assistant.

    • GeorgeK

      More to the story? Young driver with potential but lacking in bargaining position DARES to challenge Ron?

      Dismissal by email, and by a flunky no less! Thanks for the flunky insight Lars

  4. Brad Ford

    Don’t these guys have agents to get news like this?

  5. Off Track

    I’m kinda wondering who is actually behind this “Poor Kevin Was Sacked By Email, Would You Believe It?” campaign the media are running with.
    Somebody wants Ron Dennis to look bad?
    Who, just who might that be?

  6. Stone the crows

    “He deserves to have a career in Formula 1” (just not with us.) One cannot help but wonder if, as bad as this may be for Magnussen now he will be better off later not being caught up in the doldrums that McLaren is in, and has little prospect of getting out of any time soon.

  7. F1 fanatic

    Magnussen Will go to Lotus Renault! They will get a young super talent with experience cheap and he will get a seat for two years! Experienced Young talent is hard to get these days due to limited testing and important due to the difference in tire regulations between F1 and lower classes!

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