Toro Rosso turns down chance to run upgraded Renault

Scuderia Toro Rosso is not planning to take advantage of Renault’s latest upgraded engine over the last four races, because the team believes that it’s not worth taking extra grid penalties.

The Italian outfit has enough examples of the current spec to get to the end of the season. Meanwhile RBR has yet to make a definitive call, although Daniel Ricciardo suggested that it was unlikely.

“We’re going to stick for the rest of the year with the old spec,” said Carlos Sainz. “Given the [performance] values that they’ve given to get another grid penalty and start last, especially with the last four tracks, they are similar to this one… Okay, they are not the best tracks because they have long straights, but it’s not the worst, so we can be very close to the top ten, so to start last, I think it’s too much, it’s not worth it, so we will commit to this year’s spec that we have now, that’s good enough to finish the year, and we have plenty of them.

“It’s an important end of the season now, because we have four races that the tracks should not be bad for us, and we lost a lot of points from the middle of the season, particular me. We need four races where we can qualify decently and race hard from the top 10. So I don’t want to take more penalties to be honest.”

Max Verstappen suggested that the team would keep an eye on how Red Bull performs if and when it runs the new engine.

“I think we have to wait and see how much the difference is,” said Verstappen. “So we have to wait and see how what Red Bull does with the engine, if they are going to use it or not here, and what the difference is. If it’s not that much and you take again a penalty then your race is a bit more difficult again. We just have to wait and see. And if it’s good then hopefully we will have it soon as well.”


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3 responses to “Toro Rosso turns down chance to run upgraded Renault

  1. henker

    i am sincerely surprised Sainz is, after his crash and confessed dizziness, allowed to drive at all after not only deceiving himself, his doctors, his team and all the other drivers who took part in the race.

  2. CTP

    Sounds like a political more than a sporting decision to me…

  3. Sebastiaan

    I wonder what they would have done if Carlos had crashed his car the day before the race (in Austin, TX) instead of a couple of hours prior..

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