Rossi aiming to hang on to Manor seat in 2016

Alexander Rossi says he’s determined to hang on to his Manor seat in 2016.

Inevitably Rossi has been a focus of media and fan attention in the build-up to the race.

I think, first of all, that the reaction has been very positive, which is what we wanted to see,” he said today. “Of course there is pride that goes along with it, but that started in Singapore and Japan as well. Obviously to be here at home means a big deal, but at the same time we have a job to do and very clear objectives to meet. I’m looking forward to it; there are a lot of friends and family that will be coming this weekend. But I think once you get in the car and on track you appreciate the fact that there is a bigger picture.

Asked about his immediate and longer term goals he said: “With the current situation with the performance difference in the cars I think it’s very clear that the objective just needs to be continuing what we’ve done in the first two.

Both of those weekends there was quite a disrupted Friday for the whole team, so I think if we have a strong Friday the Sunday result can be even more positive. In terms of next year, I’m obviously quite keen to be in a full-time seat next year, which is apparent. The position that I’m in with the team at the moment is good and we’re looking to put that all together for next year.

Rossi said he couldn’t say how much of an advantage it was that he drove the Caterham at COTA in FP1 two years ago, and thus knows the track.

I’ll let you know tomorrow. Obviously it gives you a baseline but at the same time the cars in ’13 were clearly very different to what they are now. I don’t know how much is applicable to be honest. I think it’s more of a bonus, the fact that I’ve actually driven the track, more than anything else.”

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