Toto Wolff: “Ferrari will be a very important competitor…”

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff acknowledges that Ferrari is catching Mercedes after Sebastian Vettel kept in touch with the pacesetters in Brazil.

The German finished just 14secs behind winner Nico Rosberg, and 6secs behind Lewis Hamilton. It was his 13th visit to the podium in 2015.

I am anticipating a robust challenge from Ferrari because they have done some clever moves,” said Wolff. “And they have definitely caught up. You can see that even towards the end of the race today Sebastian was not very far away, when Lewis and Nico were pushing flat out biggest gap was seven seconds. That is not a clear-cut dominant race win. I think we will have a situation where Ferrari will be a very important competitor.

After a relatively low-key race in Brazil Wolff was asked if the sport needed a further step from Ferrari to improve next year’s show he said: “I think we are not relying on it. We wouldn’t want to rely on it! What you can see again with aerodynamic efficient cars, it is very difficult to follow. You destroy your tyres and when you destroy your tyres by attacking and being close for a couple of laps you have no performance left in the tyres. It is nothing new.

We have seen this the last decades, always the same. And in the race the top guys were running away at the front, there wasn’t any rain and not a lot of incidents in the race. It is like a good and a bad football match, and today we have probably seen one of the boring football matches.”


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6 responses to “Toto Wolff: “Ferrari will be a very important competitor…”

  1. petes

    I must’ve been watching a different race to you Toto.
    After seeing Seb chase Nico out of the pits following their first stop I thought ‘good we’re going to see some action’. Wasn’t to be and never looked like it from then.

  2. Wishful sinking from zee Totonator. It’s gonna be yet another #blessed #yo #teamlh season. Nothing wrong with #yo – but we want something like 2012 season, danke schum.

  3. ronmon

    Toto prescribes to the theory that if you keep telling the same lie for long enough then people will believe you.

    Still not buying it.

  4. MW

    To have a great winner you need a great loser.

    Merc (and Hamilton) need someone to really challenge Hamilton to define the era – otherwise it will just get lost in history. Prost and Senna made each other. Same for Schumacher (with Hill/Hakkinen) – the Ferrari years where Schumacher won at a canter will be forgotten – the titles he had to work for will be remembered.

    They need a rival team or rival teammate to challenge – Nico’s contract up next year, wonder if Alonso has a performance clause…

  5. Stone the crows

    Ferrari are definitely improving, but 14 seconds behind the winner and six seconds behind the #2 is a lot of time to make up on the technical side. Dozens of aero upgrades and millions of euros will bring you up a second or so. And we have to keep in mind that Mercedes isn’t going to be standing still over the winter, so unless they lose the plot and build a complete dog for 2016, Ferrari have quite a lot of work to do, though the indeed did accomplish quite a lot more than was expected with the dismal situation at the outset.

    • f1fanster

      you are comparing apples and oranges. 14 seconds over a race distance, millions spent on aero and engine usually to gain 1 second a “lap”. big difference my friend. since Ferrari were over 30sec behind at a race not too long ago, it is astonishing they managed to cut that in half when everyone knows the merc were pushing. so big improvement I would say.

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