Nico Rosberg: “I don’t have an exact explanation…”

Nico Rosberg’s second straight victory in Brazil was further confirmation that the German has turned his season around – albeit too late to impact the battle for the World Championship.

Rosberg, who has now taken the last five pole positions, continues to admit he had no explanation for the improvement in form.

It feels great to win the races, for sure,” said Rosberg. “Two in a row now, with pole positions as well. It’s just going a lot better at the moment, which I’m happy about that. I don’t have an exact explanation unfortunately, otherwise it would make it all a lot more simple. But of course I’ve been working at it a lot, because Lewis had the upper hand for the first part of the season and so I’m pleased that it’s turned around at the moment.”

One of the talking points of the race was Lewis Hamilton’s request to be put on a different strategy, something the team could not accommodate as it tries to balance the interests of both drivers.

Of course it’s been a discussion that we’ve had many times. In advance you can only go by what you think the computer tells you, which strategy is best, and it wouldn’t really be fair for the guy who is running second to go for the other strategy and then for it to turn out that it was massively the quicker strategy in hindsight, after the race. And as a result, he won the race just because of luck, of the other strategy being so much quicker, and that’s the big problem in there and that’s why it doesn’t make sense in the battle when we’re just battling us two.

Because it should be just me against Lewis and that’s it and no luck involved from one strategy being a bit better than the other, and that’s the reason behind it.”

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