Arai out as Honda changes F1 management structure

Honda has instigated a surprise management reshuffle of its F1 programme on the eve of the new season, and erstwhile boss Yasuhisa Arai will lose his job as of March 1st.

The move appears to have happened quickly after a Honda board meeting in Tokyo, as Arai is present at the Barcelona test this week.

Arai, who faced a lot of criticism last year, will be replaced as Executive Chief Engineer and Head of F1 Project by Yusuke Hasegawa. Honda says his role role is to “oversee the development, manufacturing and management of the F1 project.”

Meanwhile as of April 1st Yoshiyuki Matsumoto will take on a new role as Supervising Director that was not previously filled. His job is to “oversee and supervise all F1 related undertakings to strengthen the organizational structure for Honda’s F1 project.”


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One response to “Arai out as Honda changes F1 management structure

  1. Lots of speculation that Arai’s being replaced is because 2016-spec engine has disappointed. Hard to believe this would be sole reason for the call after just one day of testing. My guess is Honda’s sideways shuffle of Arai has been a while in coming. The coming days will tell us a bit more about the level of performance and reliability improvements gained over the winter break.

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