F1 team bosses to meet on Sunday to discuss qualifying crisis

F1 team principals are set to meet in the Melbourne paddock on Sunday to discuss how to address the issue of qualifying after the new system made a disastrous debut.

Although he is back in Europe Bernie Ecclestone has organised the meeting, having called the bosses in the last few hours to canvas their opinions.

The intention is to come to a unanimous agreement and present a letter to the FIA outlining their views on what can be changed in time for the Bahrain GP. The rules can be changed quickly if all parties agree, although the process will clearly have to be fast tracked through.

The two possible scenarios are either a return to the previous qualifying system or a package of revisions to the elimination system which will most likely involve Q3 running to the old rules, which will ensure that cars are running at the end of the session.

“I think firstly we should apologise to the fans and the viewers because that’s not what qualifying should be,” said Christian Horner. “It should crescendo into something. The intentions were well meaning but we have to accept that it hasn’t worked, we got it wrong, and we should address it very quickly. My personal view is that we should go back to what we had in time for the next race, because what we saw today is not good for F1.

“I didn’t like the fact that the fast cars didn’t have a right to reply. You’ve got Ferraris sitting in the garage because there’s no point in them running again. Qualifying should build up to a crescendo, and everybody bolts their last set of tyres in the last couple of minutes, and you see what you’ve got.”


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6 responses to “F1 team bosses to meet on Sunday to discuss qualifying crisis

  1. Mick

    And 500 million F1 fans collectively sigh and say ‘I told you it would be awful.’

  2. Dave M

    I’m more interested in why they’re surprised that it went the way everyone said it would.

  3. GeorgeK

    If the proof is in the pudding, there really is no reason to have another bite of this vile tasting stuff, is there?

    I think the obvious will be apparent to all and we will have seen the last of this.

  4. Off Track

    Will those who fathered this nonsense and helped give it birth raise their hands and kindly fall on their swords?
    Of course not

  5. Not George

    The idea wasn’t helped by the fact that it appeared as though the teams (and channel 4 commentators – “he’ll be able to get round and start his lap” in time) didn’t realise how the rules work. Gutierrez’s lap was pretty good, but disallowed. It’s doesn’t take much thought to realise that the track will be empty if cars are eliminated!

    It reminded me of Ralf Schumacher asking about when to go in the next phase when he was knocked out of Q1 when the previous format started.

  6. ronmon

    Somehow, the fact that they are going to have a meeting does not put my mind at rest. How many meetings have they held trying (and failing) to fix the stupid, broken ‘power unit’ regulations?

    They are much better at screwing things up than they are at making them right.

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