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Carlos Sainz: “If we had finished, we would have been heroes…”

Carlos Sainz was hugely frustrated after being forced to retire with brake issues after his impressive drive from the back of the field in Sochi.

From 20th Sainz rose as high as seventh and destined to finish even higher when he suffered problems with the front left disc, which led to his retirement with just eight laps to run.

“We did such a great job after only doing 15 laps the whole weekend in the dry,” he said. “To turn up, start 20th and be seventh, with a great rhythm, a great pace. It was looking good for P6 at the end. The whole race saving brakes, saving tyres, saving fuel, and still managing a good pace. I must be pretty happy and thank the team, because without them I wouldn’t have been out there today.

“Mixed feelings, but I’m a positive guy, and I’d like to keep the positives. With only 15 laps we were having a great pace. We were running P7 after starting last, if we had finished, we would have been heroes. It’s a shame.”

Sainz admitted he felt dizzy in the early stages of the race: “I’ll rest for a couple of days for sure. Today was demanding out there, especially the first laps, and mentally also it was quite a demanding weekend as you can imagine. We need a bit more luck to put everything together because the results are nearly coming.”


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Carlos Sainz: “If I cannot move my neck or something I will stop…”

Carlos Sainz says he feels fine heading into the Russian GP, but admits that he may be forced to stop if he encounters a physical problem such as a sore neck.

The Spaniard has been passed fit by the FIA and the team has rebuilt the car around the original chassis, so he can start from 20th on the grid rather than the pitlane.

“No bruises, just obviously as you can imagine a bit stiff and a bit sore from yesterday, but nothing that a painkiller cannot kill,” he said when asked by this writer. “I will start the race and if I cannot move my neck or something I will stop. I feel perfectly capable of doing the start and participating in the race.”

Sainz insisted that he has no concerns about getting back in the car so soon.

“It’s just one race more. Obviously the accident was a tough one, but it’s already on the back. Obviously Turn 13 on the first lap will be a bit emotional, but from there on it will be all back to normal. I’m more than ready to race and my mind is telling me all the time to race, to race, to race and I think it’s the best thing I can do at the moment. I will remember for sure the first time when I go in Turn 13, but it will be just one time, and I will forget for sure.”

He admitted that the way the car went under the Tecpro barrier will likely be discussed by the drivers and the FIA.

“It will come out for sure in the next drivers’ briefing. It’s something for sure that we need to keep looking at. I was for sure lucky that nothing happened to me. It took a while to get me out, but just to let you know, I was always conscious, I was always knowing what was going on. Obviously my main concern at that point was to let everyone know I was fine. I was even downshifting and putting neutral on the car to let my engineers know I was moving and I was doing everything.

“But just the radio was not working, and I think that’s why everything was so tense and so hectic at that moment. To let you know my main concern at that point was to let my parents know, or all of you guys, that I was completely fine, I had no injuries.

“The first thing I did when I got to the hospital was to look at the crash to see what exactly happened, even though I could remember perfectly what had happened. I remember perfectly changing my brake shape [balance] before Turn 13, and just when hitting the brakes I lost the rear of the car and hit the first barrier, and then the approach to the next barrier. I remember everything perfectly, fortunately or unfortunately!”

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Carlos Sainz Jr: “I think we can keep up the good work”

Carlos Sainz says he’s learned a lot from a busy Australian GP that saw him eventually finish ninth, despite a delay of over 30s in his pit stop.

The Spaniard, who also survived first corner contact, lost several positions when the team had trouble with the left rear corner.

“I’ve learned everything,” he said. “They put a lot of problems in front of me in this first race, 58 laps without a single rest, and with all that to finish ninth we have to be positive. I just look forward to Malaysia, because I think we can keep up the good work.”

Sainz admitted the pit stop delay was hugely frustrating.

“It was a tough moment, for us, for the whole team, not only for me. We were in a very good position, we were fighting a Red Bull, which was our target. We were doing a great job, all of us, until that point onwards all the race changed, and it was just a matter of bringing it home without problems. We struggled a lot with fuel consumption and everything. It was a shame because to be honest we couldn’t fight much for a position, we were very limited down the straights as we expected.”

Regarding his first corner contact he said: “It was a bit of a shame, because I did a great start, and was maybe a bit too optimistic into Turn One. But lesson learned, and we turn the page and go forward.”


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