Carlos Sainz: “If we had finished, we would have been heroes…”

Carlos Sainz was hugely frustrated after being forced to retire with brake issues after his impressive drive from the back of the field in Sochi.

From 20th Sainz rose as high as seventh and destined to finish even higher when he suffered problems with the front left disc, which led to his retirement with just eight laps to run.

“We did such a great job after only doing 15 laps the whole weekend in the dry,” he said. “To turn up, start 20th and be seventh, with a great rhythm, a great pace. It was looking good for P6 at the end. The whole race saving brakes, saving tyres, saving fuel, and still managing a good pace. I must be pretty happy and thank the team, because without them I wouldn’t have been out there today.

“Mixed feelings, but I’m a positive guy, and I’d like to keep the positives. With only 15 laps we were having a great pace. We were running P7 after starting last, if we had finished, we would have been heroes. It’s a shame.”

Sainz admitted he felt dizzy in the early stages of the race: “I’ll rest for a couple of days for sure. Today was demanding out there, especially the first laps, and mentally also it was quite a demanding weekend as you can imagine. We need a bit more luck to put everything together because the results are nearly coming.”


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5 responses to “Carlos Sainz: “If we had finished, we would have been heroes…”

  1. GeorgeK

    His second failure looked similar to his heavy crash. It appeared his left front brake locked up pitching him into the wall.

  2. Misfit

    Yes, it was impressive to see him at P7. A shame he wasn’t able to collect those highly desired points. Looks like he didn’t manage his car properly.
    Carlos is struggling a lot lately with the pressure he’s putting on himself (no contract yet for 2016, no engine-deal yet, being increasingly and consistently outclassed by his teammate). He’s making more and more driver mistakes (Singapore wall, Japan bollard, Sochi wall). It’s a real challenge to keep your mind focussed on the internals with all that external stuff being thrown at you.

    In my opinion he’s a talented driver for sure but he lacks the mindset of a champion.

  3. Jj

    He should not have been allowed to drive, the fact he admids he was dizzy actually would warrant sanctions. He could also have put himself and others in danger.

  4. Eric

    Good race. Although feeling dizzy and committing to race when you know about the brake failure coming up from lap 20, does not sound very safe to me. I feel he’s trying too hard to get in the picture. F1 spends a lot money to keep racing safe, but if drivers cannot decide for them selves if it is save to race the team has to do it for them. He could not only have injured himself but others also.

  5. It was kinda dumb to keep pushing with the car after the team warned him about the brake temperatures. He set his fastest lap the lap before the brakes gave in… Sounds like he is desperate to getting in the picture in front of Max for once, but in the end, Max scores a point with a car that was damaged. Carlos didn’t because he did not bring the car to the finish despite being warned. 😖

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