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Mark Webber: “I thought we’d be a bit further back than that…”

Mark Webber has given himself a real shot at winning the Indian GP by qualifying as high as fourth on the medium prime tyre.

With those ahead expected to stop early when their soft tyres give up Webber has the chance to run a long first stint and potentially establish himself in front.

“We thought it was worth trying something a little bit different,” said Webber. “We probably thought we wouldn’t end up on the second row, to be honest, I thought we’d be a bit further back than that, but in the end it turned out to be a pretty good session for us.

“Not easy to manage the primes obviously when you just get a bit of a look at them in Q3, but in the end we all did a pretty good job and didn’t leave too much out there. So we’re in a good position to capitalise on a different approach, because we know the option tyre is not exactly a great piece of work.

“So we’ll see what happens with those guys, and we’ll do our thing. Obviously I’ve got to put that tyre on at some stage in the race. It’ll look quite exciting early in the race, but I’ve still got to get that tyre out of the way at some stage.”

Webber acknowledged that he might have a difficult time holding position at the start, when he’ll have less grip than those around him.

“We know we won’t have the grip initially on the first lap compared to the other guys, so we’ll stay out of strife hopefully, and we’ll get into the race from there. We know the option tyre is very high maintenance from lap three or four onwards.”



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Mark Webber on Monaco: “It’s still a daunting place…”

A winner in Monaco in 2010 and again last year, Mark Webber is looking forward to returning to his favourite street venue next week.

Like everyone else Webber is eager to find out whether Mercedes can maintain its pole streak.

“It’s always been a good circuit for me,” said Webber. “In F3000 I won there, and I’ve had a couple of wins in F1. I think I had good street circuit experience in Adelaide GP Formula Ford, Surfer’s Paradise Formula Ford. I think I’m comfortable on street circuits. Well, those type of street circuits, I can’t translate it to Singapore yet, I don’t know why!

“I don’t know what makes me feel as comfortable as I do round there. It’s still a daunting place, don’t get me wrong, I’m not sitting here saying you’re on holiday round there – it’s a very, very challenging venue.

“If Mercedes have their one lap pace it might be interesting, if they bang it up the front there again.”

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