Mark Webber on Monaco: “It’s still a daunting place…”

A winner in Monaco in 2010 and again last year, Mark Webber is looking forward to returning to his favourite street venue next week.

Like everyone else Webber is eager to find out whether Mercedes can maintain its pole streak.

“It’s always been a good circuit for me,” said Webber. “In F3000 I won there, and I’ve had a couple of wins in F1. I think I had good street circuit experience in Adelaide GP Formula Ford, Surfer’s Paradise Formula Ford. I think I’m comfortable on street circuits. Well, those type of street circuits, I can’t translate it to Singapore yet, I don’t know why!

“I don’t know what makes me feel as comfortable as I do round there. It’s still a daunting place, don’t get me wrong, I’m not sitting here saying you’re on holiday round there – it’s a very, very challenging venue.

“If Mercedes have their one lap pace it might be interesting, if they bang it up the front there again.”

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