US F1: We’re making the toaster!

A source close to US F1 tells me that the factory staff in Charlotte are in the process of making the toaster immortalised by a series of satirical cartoons on YouTube in recent months. And yes, I am serious…

Short of anything else to do related to their F1 car some team members are said to be working on the composite moulds for the prototype toaster, which if true at least demonstrates that the guys on the shop floor have a sense of humour.

Incidentally Peter Windsor has not been seen at the US F1 factory for several days, and apparently was not present when the FIA’s Charlie Whiting paid a four hour visit yesterday.

Meanwhile there are suggestions that following Whiting’s visit the FIA could formally revoke the US F1 entry and re-open the entry bid process – and if that applies to this season rather than next, then of course Stefan GP is the only team in a position to present a 2010 car. It’s a possible scenario but I stress that it is just one of many that are being rumoured at the moment.

It’s also been suggested that negotiations between Chad Hurley’s representative Parris Mullins and the new Campos management have not led to a satisfactory resolution. When asked for a comment, Colin Kolles told this blog, ‘We’ll see…’

If Hurley has given up on Campos then a deal with Stefan – which could yet involve a merger with/takeover of the US F1 entry – could yet come to pass.

As previously reported, a deal between Campos and Indian GP2 graduate Karun Chandhok looks likely to be confirmed soon.

PS: Perhaps it will look a bit like this: The US F1 Toaster Could Be About to Pop Up


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22 responses to “US F1: We’re making the toaster!

  1. sanigene

    Thanks AC, now I have a new avatar for forums 🙂

  2. F1 Kitteh

    As with most ambitious projects, the initial first tranche investors with the vision seldom realizes the return, its usually the vultures that come in and pick up the pieces for pennies on the dollar that make out like bandits in the end. I’m surprised that out of the whole wide US of A we cannot find a Ganassi or Penske or Ford to come in and take advantage …

    • I suspect that the real reason you cannot find a Ganassi or Penske or Ford is one that has not been mentioned just hinted at. I think it is also the real reason why F1 struggles in the US.

      The US is a large country already with a well established top-level motor sport (IndyCars & NASCAR et al.) which already visit many of the unions states.

      Think as the marketing director/manager of a non-US company. If you wanted to promote your brand into the US why would you choose F1 which doesn’t even have a F1 race – and which is expensive. You would choose one of the major series in the US (like above).

      Like wise reverse the situation as the same for a US company wanting to promote your brand outside the US – why use F1 when IndyCars, NASCAR etc are already screened worldwide and get good press coverage. Also the same applies as a US company wanting to promote their brand within the US.

      Sadly the $ don’t add up. To make F1 viable in the US it needs atleast 2 or 3 GP’s just on it’s geographic size alone.

      Alought people may disagree the problems are not just cost but also the strength of US motorsport in general.

      Like the 1960’s music scene, untill F1 can conquor the hearts and souls of America I do not foree any change.

      Sad I know and I would love to see USF1 (or similar) on the grid but for sponsors the numbers just dont add up.

      • F1 Kitteh

        How about we do a fractional ownership like timeshare or jets, find 100k fans (im sure there is more than that in the US given Indy attendance), for $500 each a year, that’s your $50mm budget. Then take turns as VIP to attend test/races/factory tour etc! If team successful in finding other sponsors then can split profit.

    • Kitteh, I agree but administering 100,000 fans would be nearly impossible even if they all coughed up the $500. Can you imagine 100,00 VIP tickets plus extras, hey that would cost you more than 50M over the 12 months, everybosy would want something too many arguments etc.

      Realistically it could be done but not with 100,000 but alot less, say $5000 which would mean 10,000 people (for $50M) BUT you would not raise it all that way. You’d be better off using $5-10K just to raise say 15-20M i.e. a lot less, but once that groundswell starts you would find that money follows money but in this case you’d have a sound financial base with capital in the bank.

      As a marketing proposal it could be done, the real problem would be your time frames. If you set a target of 12 months with $ being held in escrow till it was raised then you could have an entry in say 2 years – ahhhh if you could get entry to the club.

      • F1 Kitteh

        I know a certain small kitchen appliance maker that might be interested in becoming the title sponsor of the new team lol

    • Hi again Kitteh

      Guess this isn’t time nor place but you can always drop me a line – click on my name and use the link etc…


  3. All I can say is I have a check ready to buy a toaster.

    That is something I’ve never thought I would ever say.

  4. All I can say is WOW!

    As one of the two men behind the cartoons I’m pleasantly shocked by this news.

    I guarantee you that the boys can make some nice cash if they put the toasters up for sale. Many of the fans of the cartoons have expressed a desire to own one.

    Cheers, Declan

  5. I am unfamiliar with the toaster! can you post a link please?

  6. miko

    Where can we sign up for toaster orders!

  7. Black Knight

    I hope they develop a Nick Craw autograph model, that would be fitting.

  8. Utones

    My and my pals have been talking about how we’d for sure buy a USF1 toaster if someone would only make one, or if we could “steal” the idea and produce knock-off versions for other like minded (i.e. twisted) individuals.
    Good on ’em! Put that autoclave to work on something useful.

    • KG

      In fact crank that autoclave up to 11!!!
      those Pink Dell Laptop designed bad boys are gonna fly out faster than Bernie’s choice of WDC whilst signing off the Schumacher Clause

  9. not yet World Champion

    How strange (or rather how predictable) that are not carrying the full USF1 story/debacle, unlike the rest of the worlds auto sporting press….tell it how it is Speedy,warts n’all!

  10. kevin Stege

    Well, I’ve e-mailed USF1 with my toaster order, but I haven’t heard anything back from them. perhaps they’ve knocked off early today, it is Thursday.

  11. paxdog57

    Peter Windsor gone AWOL at the factory, Chad Hurley’s realization that his financial support into the team was misplaced and employees making toasters – is this the legacy of USF1?
    Can someone at USF1 explain how it came this far without dealing with it earlier whether it be more financial support or buying the Toyota when it was first available?

  12. Daniel

    I’ve always liked a high-nose toaster…

  13. gary

    i dont know if anybodys still there, it was,

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