Michael Schumacher: ‘Like a child looking forward to Christmas!’

Schumacher can't wait to get going in Bahrain

As the countdown continues to Michael Schumacher’s comeback in Bahrain, the former World Champion says he’s like a ‘child looking forward to Christmas,’ and that his ‘batteries are recharged.’

In a Mercedes statement he reiterated the fact that updates due on the silver car for Bahrain could tip the balance in the team’s favour.

“Finally the season will start!,” he said. “I feel like a child looking forward to Christmas. The decision to make my comeback feels like a long time ago now and I can hardly wait for the season to get underway in Bahrain. It’s funny to think that I will be competing in Formula One again when just a few months ago, I would have declined the opportunity categorically.

“But sometimes things change and the right circumstances come together. I feel fresher than I have for many years. I am perfectly prepared physically and most importantly, my energy is back completely. When I retired from racing in 2006, my batteries were simply empty. Now they are totally recharged and I am ready for the challenge. It is the competition at the highest level that only Formula One offers which has provided the temptation for me.

“It is always difficult to predict the form in pre-season testing, this year more than ever, but the final test in Barcelona proved to us that we should be competitive. We know that we will have more new parts in Bahrain which should bring extra performance to the car. It’s important to be in the leading group from the start of the season and I am confident that we will be there.”

Meanwhile Ross Brawn admits that there’s still some work to do:  “We had a strong pre-season testing programme with the MGP W01 but we are not quite reached the level of preparation that we would have liked prior to Bahrain. The car shows promise and we have a strong development programme planned for the season but there is a lot of hard work ahead to ensure that we will be in the fight for the title.

“I am very pleased with how our new drivers Michael and Nico have settled into the team and developed a close working relationship. They have really pushed the development of the car throughout testing and they will push each other to achieve better results on the race track.

“This season should be a fantastic one for the fans with so many talented drivers competing and what is likely to be a very close fight for the title between the top teams and that can only be good for our sport.”

That’s certainly what everyone is hoping. A week from today we’ll find out a little more…


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5 responses to “Michael Schumacher: ‘Like a child looking forward to Christmas!’

  1. F1 Kitteh

    “we are not quite reached the level of preparation that we would have liked prior to Bahrain”

    Hmm… if I recall last year they did their preparation with only a couple of days of testing and this year they are amongst those that did the most mileage, so Mr Brawn, shouldn’t you very very well prepared already? He is clearly a master at ‘expectations management’, remember how many people were certain they were running on fumes in testing last year, even as we headed off to Melbourne….

  2. tom baker

    Well, Michael, you have me feeling exactly the same way. Christmas is next week!

    And this at the start of a season that I was fully prepared to ignore, what with the continuing rule changes and dumbing down of the cars. Then you decided to get back into the cockpit. Don’t disappointment me, Santa Schumacher! My wish is to have you standing on the top step of the podium.

  3. In Formula One, there is always work to do. That is why additional parts are added to the cars as the season evolves.

    Mr. Brawn is doing what he does at the beginning of every season, he plays possum.

    Mercedes GP will be a strong contender this season.

    Because Mr. Brawn did not say so.

  4. jonas

    I feel like a child waiting for christmas too … roll on Bahrain ….

  5. Julieta Lazarova

    Hi, Adam, very personal THANK YOU for your article in Motor Sport Magazine – the latest issue – April 2010 about “The true story behind Schumacher’s comeback” – starts, as far as I remember, on page 56. I just knew and think the same. From the beginning but it’s a very long story.
    (Unfortunately I didn’t have very good Christmas, etc. if we only talk Christmas here : )). BUT I never ever thought this is going to happen. Ever. There was simply NO real chance – I mean humanly speaking and imagining even. I still can’t believe it! For me it’s a very very personal issue. It’s huge! It’s big. ALL of it what happened and I am talking here between 2004 till the present day. Very very emotional not because of Schumi and CO only; there are many stories behind and I am just speechless. AMAZING!

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