Briatore: No admission of guilt…

Flavio Briatore has now confirmed that he has reached an agreement with the FIA to put an end to the 2008 Singapore GP affair, but says that he has not admitted any personal guilt in relation to the incident.

The FIA issued a statement this afternoon saying that Briatore and Pat Symonds had recognised their ‘share of responsibility’ for the affair.

The Italian has since put out his own statement confirming that while he has agreed to that principle – in respect of his role of team boss at the time of the Singapore incident – he has not made any admission of personal guilt, or recognised that the original World Motor Sport Council decision against him was ‘well-founded.’

In place of the ‘lifetime ban’ that was originally imposed, Briatore has instead agreed not to have any involvement with F1 until the end of 2012.

Briatore’s statement reads as follows: “Flavio Briatore announced today that he has reached an agreement with the FIA, to put an end to the differences between the parties, caused by the events of the Singapore GP 2008

“By effect of this settlement, the FIA will withdraw its appeal against the decision rendered by the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris on January 5th 2010 declaring irregular the World Council’s decision issued against Mr. Flavio Briatore on September 21st 2009.

“Flavio Briatore informed the FIA of his intention not to undertake any operational role in Formula One before the end of 2012, nor in any other FIA Championship, before the end of the Racing Season 2011.

“He confirmed his acceptance to bear his share of responsibility in the Singapore events in his capacity of Managing Director of the Renault F1 Team, at the time they happened, without any admission of a personal guilt in these events and without any recognition of the fact that the decision of the World Council rendered against him would have been well-founded.

“No further comment will be made by Flavio Briatore, who wishes to put behind this matter and focus on his plans for the future.”


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3 responses to “Briatore: No admission of guilt…

  1. This is a pretty incredulous statement by Briatore given the original ruling from the FIA and today’s statement saying he has expressly apologised.

    For my money, all of Briatore, Symonds and Piquet Jr should be banned for life from Formula One and the FIA should fight in the courts if needs be.

  2. Heirs & graces

    Firstly let me state quiet clearly I think this is a sad, unfortunate and regrettable situation for F1; but I sense other moves afoot.

    Without putting too finer point on it Singapourgate was cheating – whoever was responsible – and in any sport cheating should not be tolerated. It belittles the efforts of those who “play by the game” and historically there are examples of sporting drivers people who “pulled over” without team instructions.

    Over the past 30 years F1 has become a large financial operation, largely due to the efforts of 1 man, BE, and he has done it quiet well

    However, it should not be forgotten there are 2 key players here, the World Championship , and Formula 1; both have different masters, though, we often forget that. The WC is an FIA championship whereas F1 is not.

    Due to BE’s efforts (in many areas) F1 is now seen as the WC and visa versa. The 2 need each other. F1 without FIA sanction may (or may not) be as successful, likewise a WC without F1.

    Whether you like his methodology or not, BE has performed wonders within F1 making it one of “the” sports events, and certainly the most regular of “the” sports events, which are often held only once a year – The Masters, Wimbledon etc.

    However, this leaves both F1 and the FIA with a problem, when the time comes who will replace BE?

    BE has charisma, the wrong word (planned or not) makes the front pages, TV scrambles to get BE on it’s screens every Grand Prix weekend, it all helps to promote F1 and keep the focus where it’s wanted.

    There are few people who have that ability, FB has.

    In 5 or 10 years time who will run F1? – CVC? they don’t have the personality to make headlines. Do we want a Banker as the head spokes person? I don’t think so, F1 would be much poorer.

    The real problem is finding someone who could step up to the mark. Forgetting Singapor – FB gavlavised people – for or against there was very little middle ground. He did also play a strong “marketing” role.

    FB has always said that F1 should provide better entertainment. In 1994 he said: “All the team owners are orientated towards the technical side rather than the entertainment side, and this is a big fault. Every meeting that I go to, people are talking about pistons and suspensions. Nobody goes to a race to see that kind of thing… People come to see Schumacher and Senna racing each other.” over a decade later “the people in charge should be businessmen, as they are in Hollywood, not ex-engineers. Nothing costs more, and delivers less entertainment, than hidden technology. And that’s what engineers love most of all.”

    As much as I hate to say it I would rather watch entertainment – with out it F1 is lost.

    Unless there are other players out there who could “step into” BE’s shoes I fear that F1 might have FB around for a while – unless ……

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