Jarno Trulli: “I can’t say I did something crazy…”

Trulli and Chandhok ended their races in a collision at Rascasse

Jarno Trulli was on the receiving end of a lot of criticism after his clash with Karun Chandhok in the Monaco GP, but the Italian says he has no regrets about the move that saw both men bounced out of the race.

Trulli dived down the inside going into Rascasse, and was alongside Chandhok when the latter turned in, and they touched wheels. The HRT driver insists that Trulli would not have had the lock to have made the corner.

Jarno had earlier lost time when Lotus had a wheel gun problem at his pit stop, dropping him back behind Chandhok.

“Unfortunately the pit stop ruined my race basically,” Trulli told this blog. “I fell behind everyone, behind cars which were much slower than me. I was following the HRT until Chandhok slowed down pretty much. I don’t know if he had a problem or what, but that lap when I attacked, he was pretty slow. I went on the inside, we collided, and that’s it.

“You have to try. We are here to race, and obviously my race was spoiled at the pit stop, but I didn’t give up until the end. I knew I could get him. That was the best place because he was braking pretty early and staying very much on the outside line. He suddenly slowed down, and I didn’t know if he was letting me by or what.

“I was completely in. I can’t say I did something crazy. I had to try, which is something that in Monaco not everyone does. But I did.”

Trulli says that while he apologised to the Indian driver, he feels he was right to try to pass.

“I was obviously sorry for the accident because I could have stayed behind, but I wanted to overtake him. And when you want to overtake, you have to take some risks, and we ended up both finishing the race that way.

“But that’s part of racing. It was not a crazy manoeuvre if you look back, nothing dangerous. It turned out to be dangerous because when we collided my tyre hit his rear tyre and my car basically went over him, but it was a first gear corner, nothing really major.

“It was a terrible weekend, but when things happen, you can’t really do much about it.”

A slightly secondhand Lotus is returned to the pits


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3 responses to “Jarno Trulli: “I can’t say I did something crazy…”

  1. Dr_mikki

    “I was following the HRT until Chandhok slowed down pretty much. I don’t know if he had a problem or what, but that lap when I attacked, he was pretty slow.”

    Call me crazy, but Karun slowing probably had something to do with all the blue flags being waved to signal Webber lapping you both, Jarno…

  2. Alan Goodfellow

    I think Trulli is trying to play this down as much as possible, especially given the incident with Sutil at Brazil last year.

    I wonder if Karun thought it was ‘nothing really major’ at the time as Trulli flew over the top of him.

    It seemed like a desperate move because of Trulli’s understandable frustration at the pitstop problems Lotus had throughout the race but the blue flags were also being waved at him and Chandhok too so to try something like that in those circumstances seems just a little bit daft.

    Did Lotus ever say anything about the problems they had with all their pitstops?

  3. Uppili

    Thats about as much a driver is going to say without saying “Sorry guys. I f***** it up!”

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