Nico Rosberg: “You need to wait and see where we are in Valencia”

Nico Rosberg was one of the unsung heroes of the Canadian GP, despite starting a modest 10th and dropping even further back when delayed by the Massa/Liuzzi incident at the start.

From a lowly 14th, he was able to get back to sixth place by the flag. He also set the third fastest lap, which actually equated to the second best lap, because Robert Kubica took new supersoft tyres with an extra stop 11 laps from home. In effect only Lewis Hamilton was quicker on a similar strategy, and only by 0.026s.

“I’m pleased because I had disastrous qualifying and disastrous first lap,” said Rosberg after the flag. “I was just unlucky, because I had a big mess in front of me the whole time. And then from then on I picked up the positions and could push well. I was pretty quick I think at times. The tyres finally worked a little bit better on our car, because they were really struggling all weekend. So, sixth place is a good result for me.”

Nico admitted that managing the tyres to the flag over a 43-lap stint was a huge challenge.

“It’s really, really difficult. First of all you have a lot of settings in your cockpit, so you can put down the front wing, change the differential settings and all this to help. Then you have to take it very easy. For 30 laps towards the end for the whole 30 laps I never had one wheelspin, never one oversteer, I just drove so smoothly, and that just helps.

“But even then, even though I was driving smoothly I kept looking in my mirrors, and each lap the tyres started breaking a little bit more and a little bit more, and if it breaks completely I know that I am in trouble, especially when trying to race Kubica. But it held on, so it was good.”

Rosberg denies that Mercedes has experienced a drop-off in form recently, and says the team’s problems in Canada related solely to struggles with tyres in qualifying.

“It’s not the case. For the first few races we benefited from doing a better job than we actually deserved, because of weather conditions and things like that.

“Our car is on a similar level still now, and this weekend one really can’t look at, because out tyres weren’t working and other people could get their tyres to work, so you couldn’t even see the performance of our car. So you can’t take it very seriously, this weekend. You need to wait to see where we are in Valencia.”


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5 responses to “Nico Rosberg: “You need to wait and see where we are in Valencia”

  1. I think we get the message that Rosberg has got what it takes, but I’m sceptical about the car. I think it’s this year’s Toyota, had the money carefully spent in all the right places but never really burns the way the big 3 teams’ cars, and even the next 3 (Renault, Force India and STR), often do.
    In fact why not stick my neck out, I don’t think it’s fixable this season. I think that’s what Schumacher was implying in his post-Canada-GP interview – not that he was going to take that long to train.

  2. Rosberg is the one to bet on at this stage of the championship in Mercedes team. Ross Brawn changed the car before Barcelona to suit Michael, but the only one who manage to take points is always Nico. If Mercedes pushed him a little bit more instead following Michael desires, probably now the team would have a better position in the championship.

    • wunderkindraka

      I agree completely. I suppose the only reason why Mercedes is pushing Schumacher is because they can get more publicity from him than Nico. They would get more attention if the 7 times world champion did well as opposed to the son of a world champion who isn’t as well known. I just wish that Mercedes would make the right decision and do what’s best for the team, in this case supporting Nico. If they keep pushing Schumacher they’ll just end up with mediocre results from both drivers, because Schumacher can’t do it, even with a car suited to him, and Nico can’t do it because the car isn’t working the way he’d prefer.

  3. Ed

    Maybe there will be a lower time gap to the front, but with Ferrari and Renault also bringing big updates, I can’t see them getting any closer on the standings.

  4. elephino

    Nico Rosberg: “You need to wait and see where we are in Valencia”
    That quote may come back to bite Nico if the car doesn’t perform at Valencia. A bit like “The car in front is a Toyota – being lapped”

    Hopefully, though, there are improvement from MercGP. I do suspect that inspite of their outward talk, they’ve already moved on to 2011 and left the 2010 car behind.

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