Timo Glock: “It’s every time something different…”

Timo Glock has rarely made the flag in 2010. This is Monaco

Timo Glock admits that he’s frustrated by the continuing reliability problems at Virgin Racing after another retirement in the recent Canadian GP.

Glock’s race in Montreal was spoiled by early aero damage, although ultimately he succumbed to a mechanical failure.

“It’s every time something different, and that’s quite frustrating,” he told this blog. “But that’s the situation and we have to work on a better baseline for 2011 and make it general stronger and see where we are.”

The German admits that while Virgin is progressing, the goalposts are moving all the time.

“That’s the problem. I think we are a bit closer in terms of lap times, because the gap is not as big as it was before. But in general, it’s still difficult. Everyone is moving forward and we’re moving as well, but not quick enough. We’ll get a little bit of a mechanical update for Valencia, so we’ll see where we are then.”

Glock’s race in Canada was compromised by an early clash with Bruno Senna: “It was not perfect. The car was quite difficult to drive on Friday. We made a good step for Saturday, but unfortunately the race was over after one lap. Senna crashed into the back of my car in Turn 8 and pushed me off the track. I just lost downforce, because there was massive damage on the rear end.

“Then the car was really, really difficult to drive from that point on, and we couldn’t do anything. I was just trying to cruise around and keep the car going, but then I had a hydraulic problem and a steering rack failure, and the race was over.”

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