FIA finally confirms Pirelli deal

The FIA has finally confirmed that Pirelli will be the official F1 tyre supplier from 2011, and Jean Todt´s suggestion that there could still be tender process has not materialised.

The Italian manufacturer will thus be back in the top level of the sport for the first time since 1991.

In other news the World Motor Sport Council has addressed the anomaly of a last lap safety car by confirming that drivers are not allowed to pass, which is how the FIA interpreted the rule when Michael Schumacher overtook Fernando Alonso in Monaco.

The WMSC has also confirmed that drivers cannot drive excessively slowly on their in lap during qualifying, in reference to Lewis Hamilton stopping to save fuel in Montrel. In a further clarification with immediate effect there is a new rule that ensures cars are driven back to the pits under their own power if a fuel sample is required.

The 107% qualifying rule will be back in 2011, although there is scope for considering practice times in cases of force majeure.

Also for 2011, the minimum weight will rise from 615 to 640kgs, giving teams ample scope to run KERS even if they have heavy drivers.

Next year will also see the introduction of ´driver adjustable bodywork` in the form of a movable rear wing. However it can only be used in the slipstream of other cars, as an aid to passing, and only after the second lap. It will be deactivated when the driver touches the brakes.

Meanwhile there is a ban on any aero device operated by driver movement, which as expected means an end to the F-Duct.

Finally the FIA is looking into a licence system for team members which will enable it to directly penalise them. That was not the case with the likes of Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds.


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3 responses to “FIA finally confirms Pirelli deal

  1. the Mercedes GP F duct is not driver operated, does that mean it would be legal under next year’s rules?

  2. Uppili

    Help me understand this Adam.

    1) The FIA will only announce the thirteenth entrant in August upto which point the potential new entrants cannot start designing their car in a full fledged mode.

    2) Presumably they will also get only four or whatever number of preseason tests other twelve teams get for next season.

    3) They will be missing out on the end of season tyre tests and Abu Dhabi and the young driver tests at the end of this season because they wont have a car ready.

    Yet still they will have to be within 107% of the fastest teams which have been doing this for decades and have started designing their cars since spring or in Renault’s case January…….DUMB…..

  3. Mark

    The Rear Wing rule is bloody nonsense. F1 drivers must not have artificial aids to help them pass. It makes a farce of the skills of the drivers. Instead the cars should be modified to lessen the wake coming off of them.

    I often confused about the thinking that goes on at these FIA / FOTA gatherings.

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