Lotus unveils ‘F1 car’ for the wealthy fan

If you have $1m to spare you can buy one of these...

Lotus Cars has revealed the ultimate track day car for wealthy enthusiasts. And instead of following the Ferrari route and creating a GT car with F1 heritage – in other words the FXX – it has made an out and out single seater.

The Exos Type 125, unveiled at Monterey this week, is powered by a Cosworth V8 that’s good for 650bhp and can do 3000 miles or so between rebuilds.

What’s more the car can be started by the driver, as opposed to requiring a fleet of lap top wielding technicians.

Lotus expects to sell 25 of these amazing machines for $1m a pop. Customers will be able to choose their own liveries, and the company will even be offering versions reflecting Gold Leaf, JPS and Camel heritage…


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10 responses to “Lotus unveils ‘F1 car’ for the wealthy fan

  1. Very Nice…

    Now all I need to do is liquidate one of my assets. Where did that USF1 piece of paper go???

    Awww… Too Soon?

  2. Joe

    Nice bob 😉 I was thinking similar. Wondering if Windsor, and Anderson are going to order a couple cars, slap some american flags on em, and say “HEY WE’RE READY TO RACE!”.

  3. Eje Gustafsson

    Super sweet and good looking car.

    Might as well dream of 2 of these cars while I’m at it 😉 Would pay good to just to get to drive it and have a real F1 driver (former or current) instruct. 1 million to own probably is a steal but yeah just a pipe dream.

  4. Phil Waddell

    Looks exciting. Sadly I won’t be able to afford one even if I sell my house, my car, my wife and one of my kidneys.

    Adam, is it any relation to the T127 that Lotus is racing in F1 this year? And those wheels, are they the 18 inchers that everyone is getting so excited about? They certainly look more purposeful than the truck tyres that current F1 cars sit on!

  5. Kitchen cynic

    Hmmmm…I was starting to come round to this New Lotus, but selling a heritage someone else earned is not on.

  6. JamesF1

    I wonder what the laptime difference is between this and the T127?

  7. CTP

    nice idea. i like the creativity tony fernandes comes up with in order to make f1 a viable business.

  8. Davew Complex 7 stringjazz

    Sooo, its a GP2 car then?

  9. not a bad idea for generating an income for the team!

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