Ecclestone angry as Schumacher skips photo op

"Michael, where are you?". Ross Brawn looks for his man...

Michael Schumacher has infuriated Bernie Ecclestone by failing to show up for an end of season photo in the Abu Dhabi paddock.

For the first time all the team principals joined the drivers and Bernie for the traditional photo. The Crown Prince was also supposed to be there, but he was detained at the last minute.

Schumacher had indicated that he would come, but failed to show up. This writer spotted him disappearing into Mercedes hospitality, unusually attired in a pair of denim shorts…

Michael wasn’t the only driver to be missing. Bruno Senna was excused as he was busy with the FIA Stewards after an incident with Lewis Hamilton, while Bernie’s people were Timo Glock was having a massage on an injured foot – although he later told this blog that he’s simply gone to the wrong place, at the wrong end of the paddock. He arrived just as the photo session was ending.

However Schumacher was the one notable by his absence, and he probably hasn’t done himself any favours…


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10 responses to “Ecclestone angry as Schumacher skips photo op

  1. Ian P

    Love the fact Ross Brawn is on the phone, probably trying to find HRH Schumi.

  2. Interesting. Lets the rumors begin!

  3. Too bad, see ya next year Michael 🙂

  4. Bruno Senna is also missing?

  5. Mark

    Did HRT say that Senna was with the stewards?
    Perhaps they were just trying to find another driver who’d pay to take his place in the photo…

  6. tom baker

    He was having a game of backgammon with the Crown Prince.

  7. tom baker

    He was having a game of backgammon with the Crown Prince.

  8. matt

    Adam do you have any idea where he was?

    Why did you say detained

    And whats with the sarcasm? the ‘Crown Prince’ jibe?

    That’s offsides mate, call him the master…

    I bet you the headlines after Schumi’s first pole will be ‘The Master is back’

    • Sarcasm? I was talking about the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, I thought that was pretty clear… Had he made it and Michael failed to show it would have been even more embarrassing for Bernie.

      And as the story says Michael was in the Mercedes hospitality/offices.

  9. matt

    Sorry Adam, misread it.

    Apologies. Yeah was just wondering what Schumi was up to in the hopitality suite.

    Probably forgot or couldnt be bothered

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