FIA finally confirms 1.6-litre engine for 2013

The FIA has finally formally confirmed that a new 1.6-litre engine formula is coming for 2013. Although it had been in the pipeline for some time, there had been attempts to postpone its introduction.

The four existing manufacturers – Cosworth, Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari – now have some 27 months until their new engines have to be on a grid for the first time. VW/Audi is also waiting on the sidelines.

The move is part of the FIA’s laudable attempt to make F1 greener and encourage sustainability, traits that will make it easier for car makers to justify future investment in F1.

An FIA press release said: “The WMSC approved the introduction of a new specification engine from 2013, underlining the FIA’s commitment to improving sustainability and addressing the needs of the automotive industry. Following dialogue with the engine manufacturers and experts in this field, the power units will be four cylinders, 1.6 litre with high pressure gasoline injection up to 500 bar with a maximum of 12,000 rpm.

“The engines will deliver a 35% reduction in fuel consumption and will feature extensive energy management and energy recovery systems, while maintaining current levels of performance. In 2013, five engines will be permitted per driver, but each year after that the limit will be four.”


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11 responses to “FIA finally confirms 1.6-litre engine for 2013

  1. hath b

    Makes me sick.

  2. hath b

    Now Indy will be the faster, V6 with Turbos. I miss CHAMPCAR

  3. Why all the hate? Turbos are cool, and ultra high pressure fuel injection is a neat and relevant technology.

  4. melonfarmer

    shame it’s not 1.5 litres, then Megatron could dust off their old BMW derived units from the ’80’s. Riccardo Patrese’s alleged radio call that he was only getting 4 bar of boost when he switched from Brabham to Williams for the 1987 Aussie GP must be one of my favorite F1 annecdotes.

  5. Stone the crows

    So the teams are now going to dump hundreds of millions of euros down the drain, not for the sake of improving performance in any way shape or form, but to bring some ‘green’ credibility and to create the image of a sport whose technology has some relevance to road cars? Dummheit! Idioti! imbécile !

    • melonfarmer

      This has all the hallmarks of the change to 2.4 V8s because the manufacturers would not accept a rev limited 3.0 V10 even though BMW were basing their marketing on V10s. Guess what? 1 yr later the 2.4 V8s were rev limited…

      How about dropping the rev limit on the 2.4 V8s to 12,000 rpm? I read something about there being an equivalency formula too for a transition period which will mean lots of b!tching and moaning about how it’s all so unfair (a.k.a 2005-2010 WTCC).

  6. Anders

    Ok I can see the “political” point here, but I´ll be missing the “real” engines (no I´m not much for rotating mufflers). I can only dream of the V12 era….

  7. Simon Benedict

    If there’s one thing that’ll make me turn off F1 it is the awful drone of low-revving turbos.

  8. tom baker

    Sickening. What is wrong with these people?

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