Sebastian Vettel: “It was a good day today…”

Winning title has not changed Seb's taste in hats...

Sebastian Vettel was in buoyant mood at the end of the first day of testing in Valencia, but after topping the times he said it was still too early to say much about how the new RB7 stacks up.

Vettel says testing is key this year, especially with the change of tyre supplier, and he’s happy that the new car was ready for Valencia.

“This year it’s very important, that’s why we couldn’t afford another delayed start into the season, and we made sure that our car was ready straight away for the first test,” said the German. “We have new tyres for this year with the Pirellis. I think all in all it was a good day today. It’s still way too early to make any conclusions.

“If you can draw one, then we did a lot of laps today. For the first time I think we can be very proud. There wasn’t much time between Abu Dhabi and here, only 10 weeks, and in that time to build a new car and put everything together and on the first day to do around 93 laps is I think quite an achievement. I’m very happy with that.

“I didn’t really have a lunch break. I stayed in the car, just had a quick sandwich, and continued running!”

Regarding the opposition, Seb said: “Definitely we’ll have a look at the pictures this evening. Maybe we’ll have one or the other spy shot. It’s a very nice time of year, especially when people try different things. I think the Toro Rosso looks quite different, and the Renault, with a different approach with the exhaust pipes. It’s nice to see that, that’s F1 and that’s how it should be.”

Vettel made it clear he has one aim for this season.

“There’s no guarantee that the number one makes you two or three tenths faster a lap, you still have to push very hard and make you way round every single lap at every single race. So it will be a tough fight.

“The aim and the target is to make sure the number one stays on the car, otherwise we have to invest in some paint again in changing the numbers. In the end we just try to save money!”

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