Christian Horner: “The way he’s driving at the moment is quite supreme…”

Christian Horner hopes that Red Bull can continue its winning momentum to the end of the season – and he would like to see Mark Webber win a race before he walks away from F1.

Sebastian Vettel has built-up a remarkable streak of five consecutive wins since Spa.

“Sebastian’s won every race since the summer break, which is an incredible achievement,” said Horner. “There are still four races to go, our target is to try and carry this momentum into these last four races. I don’t think any of us would have imagined that he would have had the run of success that he’s had. The way he’s driving at the moment is quite supreme. We’ll see. India’s a different challenge, as is Abu Dhabi. Mark got pretty close today, so it will be great to see Mark win a race before the end of the year as well.”

Meanwhile Horner said that the Suzuka victory showed just how good Vettel is.

“He picked up a bit of damage from the incident with Hamilton that took about 20 points of downforce off the car. So he had a damaged car, and he just managed to adapt. He played the thinking game today, he watched, he waited, in that first stint, he preserved the tyres. He knew he wasn’t going to get priority at that first stop, and we discussed it before the race, that the lead car would get priority.

“He was very, very smart in the way he handled the race. He created the options for him by having that range in the first stint, and then by doing the same in the second stint, by making those tyres go longer and further than any of the other drivers. And of course when he had the one opportunity that he needed to nail Grosjean, he did it immediately.”


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17 responses to “Christian Horner: “The way he’s driving at the moment is quite supreme…”

  1. CTP

    and the way the team is handing him victories is quite supreme too.

  2. kp

    Amazed by the length of time it has taken much of the British press to realize just how good a driver Vettel is. Yes, it’s the car. But the car also needs to be driven. And driven well.

    Lazy journalism from the BBC TV, Sky and Radio 5 Live has done little to enhance the appeal of F1. More power to sites likes this!

    Bernie, please take note!

  3. petes

    Red Bull will need to wrap up the drivers title sooner rather then later for Christian to get his wish for Mark.

  4. Alberto Dietz

    What the world needs now from Seb is four consecutive grand chelems.

  5. k

    HA! Front wing damage? What front wing damage? Is there a chip? A tiny speck? It’s hardly damaged at all. Not compared to some of the damage his teammate has driven with this year.

    And Horner confirms that at some point there’ll be some super-obvious, totally condescending “gift” (assuming Vettel would actually listen to any such instruction)…

  6. LMann

    Once Vettel has officially wrapped up the WDC, and if he and Mark are running a close 1-2 at the end of a race, it would do wonders for Vettel’s public “rep” if he handed a win to Webber. Will he, I don’t know, but it would make the talking heads fall all over each other singing what a great gesture Vettel made… “Now he’s a true champion”, blah, blah, blah.

    • Stig

      Why should he? Mark made it clear that he does not stick to team orders and that he is no team player. That cost nearly the WDC for Vettel last year. Now everyone expects Vettel to be a team player, friend and donator for Mark?

    • **Paul**

      Whilst it would be a nice gesture, it’s also worth pointing out that Webber has rarely helped Vettel. Some would also say it’s ‘arrogant’ to gift another driver a win and he’d be slated for that too.

      Webber isn’t like like Massa, who genuinely does deserve to win a race for all the help he’s given to FA. How many times has Webber let Vettel past without fighting him? Brazil 2012 is one of the few which stick out – after blocking him at the start which caused half the issue, other than that?

      Webber made it very clear as far back as 2010 that he had no intention of playing team orders, no intention of helping Vettel and hasn’t done so since really.

      From a fans perspecive that’s great, I hate seeing team mates getting told what to do. Rosberg in Malaysia told not to pass Lewis (bad move by Nico who automatically became a #2 following that lack of killer instinct), Massa constantly shafted, Grosjean told to let Kimi by etc. If anything having a team mate who fights you makes championships more worthy than those who have a Barrichello, Coulthard, Massa, Kovalinen, Irvine etc moving over at every race when they’re ahead.

  7. LMann

    Why should he you ask? As I said solely for the PR value.

  8. GeorgeK

    Did anyone hear his mewling, plaintive radio transmission when he thought Webber had a chance of passing him in the closing laps? “Keep him away from me!”, screaming like a little girl. Once again looking for team intercession.

    Regardless of his talent or win totals he has lost what little respect I had left for him, and I suspect a lot of other racing fans feel the same. Not much he can do in the future that will win me back, he has shown his true nature.

    • RFG

      That radio message was about Perez not being shown blue flags. I believe Vettel spent about two laps behind Perez who wasn’t letting Vettel pass.

    • Canter

      Not sure if lousy troll or hopelessly ill-informed… Seb was about to lap Perez, who was on new tires. Didn’t want to waste unnecessary time, with Webber just a couple of secs behind, on fresh mediums. Talked to his team, they (probably) forwarded it to Charlie and so on. Nothing wrong with that.
      Tough luck though… it doesn’t really fit the “crybaby-evil RBR-poor Mark” conspiracy. And yes, spare us the “lost respect” angle, it’s a pathetic one.

    • Andreas

      That was when Vettel came around to lap Perez, who didn’t respond quickly enough (for Sebastian’s taste) to the blue flags. The radio transcript shows no communication about keeping Webber away – at least not that was broadcast via the pit wall feed.

    • **Paul**

      Aww that’d be nice, but it didn’t happen. What actually happened was a biased commentry team couldnt’ hear what was said and proceeded to make something up, Daily Mail style.

      The message was words to the effect of ‘Get him out of the way, even if he is on new tyres’ and was in reference to Sergio Perez who was a lap down and Vettel was approaching at a rate of knots.

      It had nothing to do with Webber at all, and thus demonstrated beautifully the absurd anti-Vettel feeling from certain parts of the press, who (as you perfectly demonstrate) can easily make fans think someone is a bad guy when they’re not. Frankly it’s a bit sickening to hear the double standards applied in F1 which favour some like Mark & Lewis, but are always thrown in the face of others like Romain and Seb.

      • GeorgeK

        I concede the possible out of context inaccuracy of the quote I referenced, but will not back off on my assessment of his personality. That is what makes competitive sport so interesting, the people we respect and those we don’t.

        My disapproval of him also has NOTHING to do with his relationship with Webber. Mark has documented his own legacy of poor performances (blown near front row starts, needless contact, etc.) that may be the reason for his “retiring” from F1. I wish him well with Porsche.

  9. Stone the Crows

    Once Seb has nailed down the championship Webber will be gifted a win or two. Mighty big of Christian.

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