Mark Webber: “We need to get back in the groove a little bit…”

Last year’s Monaco winner Mark Webber didn’t complete a flying lap on Thursday morning after being struck by a gearbox problem right at the start of he session.

Inevitably that meant he had a lot of catching up to do in the afternoon, when he was a modest eighth.

“Not too bad,” said Webber of his day. “It was always going to be the case that you were a little bit behind in that session. Still a lot of good information. It’s easy to go out there and not panic but try and get to where you should be and make even more mistakes. We’ve got the information, a lot of stuff to go through, and day to go through it tomorrow as well. We should be alright.”

Pressed on whether he behind everyone else, he was more forthright.

“Of course we are. We missed 40 laps this morning. We’re not going to get that back overnight, so we need to get back in the groove a little bit on Saturday morning, then hopefully we can do the business on Saturday afternoon. And that will recover your weekend.”

Webber didn’t have much to say about the new supersoft tyre: “Yeah, it was alright, similar to all the Pirellis, really…”

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