Final operation a ‘total success’ for Kubica

Lotus Renault GP says that Robert Kubica underwent his final surgery today, and that it was a success.

Curiously the operation co-incided with a Grand Prix race day, and the team says that on waking up, the Pole asked after the result.

In an encouragingly positive statement, the team said: “Today, Robert underwent one last scheduled operation in Italy, aimed at recovering the full mobility of his right elbow. The surgeons are happy to report that they have been able to complete 100% of their task and did not encounter any complications. They have described the outcome of the operation as “a total success”.

“On waking up, it was immediately clear Robert was in good spirits. Why? Well, as soon as he opened his eyes, he asked for the results of today’s race!

“He will now rest in hospital for a few days before resuming his rehabilitation and training programme.”


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4 responses to “Final operation a ‘total success’ for Kubica

  1. noahracer

    “Total successful operation” and being able to drive an F1 car at speed are two different things. Ask Alessandro Nannini. My bet is he’ll never be back.

  2. Mick

    I can’t help but think that Robert must be in a very poor state either physically or mentally. If not i’m sure we’d have seen him put in a brief appearance at a race weekend by now even if he didn’t want to do any media work. I don’t think he’ll be back next year, if ever.

  3. Jimmy

    Don’t underestimate the health and vigor of these drivers. Massa sets a good example. Medical professionals outside of F1 chimed in and said he would never drive…. God speed Robert, your presence is missed.

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