Jaime Alguersuari: “I am not a victim…”

Jaime Alguersuari says he’s in a positive mood despite yesterday’s decision by Toro Rosso to drop him from the team.

The Spaniard has issued a statement outlining his thoughts on the situation, in which he confirms that as of earlier this week he was given the impression that all was well.

“I am very surprised by the decision,” he said. “Just a week after winning the Challenge das Estrelas in Florianópolis I talked with Helmut Marko and Franz Tost and they told me they had plans for me in 2012.

“They did it with enthusiasm and showed me much confidence, they also asked me to be on Monday in Madrid in a wonderful CEPSA event in which they told me to insist on our 2012 project in F1.

“So after talking with Franz Tost and Helmut Marko this morning [Wednesday], I thought of three things. First, I will not judge the situation because if I thought it was a  crazy thing to make me debut in 2009 with 19 years and three months without having done a km in F1 ever before, today’s news seemed to be a major misunderstanding in the best moment of my sporting life. I will not judge the reasons of the decision, because Red Bull gave me everything since I was 15 years old, I’ve been formed with them, and I’ve become a complete F1 driver at age 21.

“Second, I am not a victim because for seven years I have enjoyed the privilege of being in the best team in the world and with the best means, they brought me here, with them I won the British F3 International Series at 18 years and with them I have achieved the best results of a 21 years old F1 driver in 2011. At the end of March I will turn 22, with 46 GPs disputed. They have taken a decision that I respect, but I am left with an enviable training at emotional and fitness level.

“Third, there is no drama, because I have many plans for the present and the future. At all levels – professional and sportive. The surprise has lasted a couple of hours. It was necessary to talk to my family, watch the street, and then realise that life is full of opportunities and challenges.

“Reading the headlines I’ve come to realise that there are almost five million unemployed persons in Spain, and we can only give back to this country the confidence and optimism, thinking about fighting and improving every day. And that’s what I’ll do starting tomorrow, I promise to all the fans and the people who appreciate me.”


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10 responses to “Jaime Alguersuari: “I am not a victim…”

  1. David Myers

    What a gracious, humble and level-headed young man.

    • You’ve got to hand it to his PR people, that’s how to handle a situation! It makes the likes of Lewis Hamiltons PR look rather more er… basic !

      • DMyers

        I think it’s more than PR. I’ve always been impressed when Alguersuari has been in an interview: he seems like a really genuine and highly intelligent and well-rounded person (he does other things outside motorsport such as DJing and producing music). Hamilton, on the other hand, has been PR ‘schooled’ by McLaren for years and has never struck me as anything other than a bit of an automaton who has been trained what to say and when. If I were a team principal I would have Jaime over Lewis any day.

  2. Pride is what Jaime has. I can see good things for him in the near future.

  3. Ahmed

    I love this guy!

  4. co

    great way fo showing STR thy have made a mistake with him.
    Hope he gets a car for next year!!

  5. Ian

    This is the way to impress future employers. Hope he stays closely connected to F1 until another drive comes his way.

    • Stone the crows

      Yes, quite, so much sour grapes gets expressed without the realization that potential employers are listening. Controlling one’s tongue as well as one’s temper is a sign of maturity.

  6. Tom Baker

    I was very impressed with the interviews that Jaime gave during the season. I also believe he has a lot of talent as a driver. Surely the top teams have to be eyeballing him as a future prospect.


    Just to echo what everyone else has said, I too have been impressed by everything reported in this article and have always liked to listen to him when he’s interviewed on TV and talk about gracious in ‘defeat’!! Just cant work out why Seb Buemi was preferred over Jaime as he finished the season with better results in the championship?

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