Vijay Mallya: “I will do whatever I have to do to retain my drivers”

Force India owner Vijay Mallya says that no deals are yet in the works to take either Paul Di Resta or Nico Hulkenberg to a frontrunning team, and insists that he wants to keep both of them.

Both Force India drivers have been mentioned in connection with possible vacancies at Mercedes, McLaren and Ferrari, but they have ongoing contracts, which means that should one of those teams pounce a deal would have been agreed with the team if they were to move on for 2013.

By co-incidence Force India has relationships with all three potential suitors, since it uses technology sourced from the first two and current reserve driver Jules Bianchi is a Ferrari protégé.

“I have confirmed to both my drivers that I want to retain them, and that’s it,” Mallya told this writer. “I will do whatever I have to do to retain my drivers.

“I’ve not been approached by anybody, contrary to all the speculation. The fact that their names are mentioned only shows that my trust and faith in them is not misplaced.”

Hulkenberg said it was flattering to be mentioned in connection with bigger teams, but insisted that he wasn’t taking it too seriously just yet.

“It’s a positive thing if you get linked to those teams, that shows that we’ve done something right,” he told this writer. “But you shouldn’t get too carried away. We’re here to race and we have seven races to go, and the focus must be on maximising our performance.

“I think it’s quite typical for this time of year, a lot of rumours and speculation, and I think we all know how it works. We just sit back, relax and maybe laugh about it.”


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2 responses to “Vijay Mallya: “I will do whatever I have to do to retain my drivers”

  1. Not quite sure what Bianchi is doing there: he caused a scandal in Jerez when he deprived us of watching the Force India car and Hulk on the 3rd day, if I’m not mistaken. He’s definitely a hot shot(!) and fast, it would be nice to have a better understanding of his future. Apparently, he can’t use McLaren technology (which SFI uses) due to being contracted to Ferrari, very confusing. It’s like Perez being a Ferrari academy driver but both DOM and Monty Zemolo (plus both happy and sad Fernando) don’t want him.

    Give Kovalainen a chance, he’s slower than ALO but guaranteed to pick up more points than MAS. A Finnish Eddie Irvine to Spanish Schumi.

    HULK to Ferrari is OK, would mean some extra fun in 2013 though. PdiR to McLaren.

  2. Peter

    I can’t understand the fascination many people seem to have in returning Pedro to McLaren. Why would they want him back? Wasted years of playing a very long second fiddle.

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