Renault finally confirms Toro Rosso deal

Renault confirmed today the not unexpected news that Toro Rosso will join Red Bull Racing as a power unit partner of the French company from 2014 onwards.

The deal has been expected for some time as it obviously allows the teams to share gearboxes and other technology, which will represent a cost saving.

In announcing it Renault boss Carlos Ghosn said that he wanted a minimum of three teams and that confirmation of the third – obviously Caterham – is expected soon. However he added that there could be up to five customers. He also said the engines would continue to be badged as Renaults, despite Infiniti’s high profile in the RBR camp.

“Weare very glad that the new technology is starting next year,” said Ghosn. “It’s a technology with a lot of overlaps with the usual cars that we are putting on the market. We have been a supporter of the new power unit because we see a way to justify all the technology development and let the cars of every day benefit from what’s taking place, and particular let F1 benefit from some of the developments we’re doing  in terms of electrification of the engine.”

STR’s Franz Tost said: “We are very pleased to have reached an agreement to use Renault power units from the 2014 season onwards, when the new regulations will present interesting challenges. It is particularly important that we have managed to finalise our plans early, so that we can be as well prepared as possible for next year.

“While looking forward to working with Renault, I would also like to thank Ferrari, our engine supplier since 2007. They have provided us with an extremely effective and reliable engine and an excellent service.

Christian Horner added: “Strategically for Red Bull and Renault, it makes perfect sense for Scuderia Toro Rosso to use the same power unit as Infiniti Red Bull Racing from the 2014 season, which enables synergies between Red Bull and Renault to continue to grow.”

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