Christian Horner: “We were certainly in the right window here”

Christian Horner stressed after the Canadian GP that the tyres had allowed drivers to go flat out – and made it clear that in such circumstances Red Bull is hard to beat.

Sebastian Vettel dominated the race, although he had a couple of mishaps along the way.

“It was a really strong race for us today,” said Horner. “And what was good about the race as well was that everybody seemed to be pushing flat out from start to finish, unlike in Monaco a couple of weeks ago. Sebastian was mighty today. He got his head down and built up a comfortable lead.

“Going into the race we thought it might be a one-stop, but then fairly evidently because of the temperature rise it became more obvious that it was going to be a two-stop, and really he never looked threatened. He managed to build up a 15s margin by pretty much half way through the race, which is the time it takes to do a pit stop and drive through the pitlane, and from that point onwards it was about managing the gap and getting on with it.

“He had a couple of wake-up calls, one where he touched the barrier in the middle sector, and then a little off at Turn One, but I think we’ll forgive him those today.”

Regarding how the ability to use the full performance of the car helped Red Bull he said: “I think it’s been a strong performance here like it was in Bahrain, like it was in Malaysia. We see with these tyres that once you’re in the window with them, you can extract a lot of lap time. We were certainly in the right window here.”

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