Allison a great asset for Ferrari, says Fry

Ferrari engineering director Pat Fry says that the arrival of James Allison at Maranello will allow him to focus more on improving the performance of the F138.

Former Lotus man Allison, who officially starts work next week, will have Fry’s former job title of technical director (chassis). This will be his second spell at the team after he worked under Ross Brawn from 2000 to 2005.

“I think getting James on board will be a great asset for us really, I mean he’s a top bloke, isn’t he?,” said Fry when asked by this writer about the change in his workload. “In reality there’s been a huge amount of work for me to do. It’s almost like changing the organisation and the running of the company, as well as trying to look at the car.

“For me it’s good because I’ll have more time to be able to concentrate on really what’s going to make the car quick. Between the two of us we’ll divide the work up. There will be more minds thinking about things, so it can only help.”

Meanwhile Fry made an interesting comment about balancing preparations for 2014 with developing the current car.

“We’re still pushing as hard as we can. We’ve got updates coming through from the tunnel, a few more for Monza and another set for Singapore. So we’ll keep on pushing until Singapore, and then see where we are and revise things then.”

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