Martin Whitmarsh: Perez was “a fine team member”

McLaren has responded to the statement from Sergio Perez with some words from Martin Whitmarsh, although there is no reference to the Mexican’s on track performance.

Whitmarsh said: “First of all, we would like to thank Checo for his kind and gracious statement, and for being a fine team member during the 2013 Formula 1 season. There are still two grands prix yet to run this year, and our collective focus is on scoring as many points as we can in those two remaining races.

“Checo has made many friends during his time at McLaren – and, together, as a team, we intend to do our utmost to help him finish his year with us with two good results, especially here in Austin, where he has so many fans. We wish him well for the future, and are sure that he will have many successes ahead of him.

“As regards our driver line-up for next year, no 2014 deal has yet been signed with any driver except Jenson, and we therefore have nothing further to announce at this time. As and when that situation progresses, we will make a further announcement accordingly.”

Whichever you look at it the Perez episode represents a failure by McLaren. Either they got the wrong guy or they failed to get the best out of him…


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10 responses to “Martin Whitmarsh: Perez was “a fine team member”

  1. Guillermo

    They just got the wrong car… is like saying they sent him to a Marathon without sneakers.

  2. I praise your words, Mr. Cooper. McLaren’s mistake either way.

  3. Kevjn Freeman

    I’d say a little bit of both. Perez has some good ability but there’s still some grooming to his game that needs to be done. As well, he certainly isn’t Lewis in terms of talent or ability; to think he was going to step into McLaren and make everyone forget about Hamilton was short-sighted.
    The car is a dog, I don’t think that’s in dispute, but perhaps as in selecting him for this season, the decision to replace him is also likewise, short-sighted…unless it was all part of the grand plan.

  4. Gavin Sangeelee

    Why they went for Perez over Hulkenberg in the first place surprised me. At the time I thought it was because of the Mexican money Perez was bringing with him but if that was the case then they would probably be retaining him.

  5. Andreas

    McLaren is wrong,
    They let go a great driver. McLaren right now only lives with their past memories. It`s fair enough to say that they are not a “front-grid-team” anymore. Lest´s face it. Other teams like Lotus, Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari are becoming more and more competitive, McLaren don’t.
    It´s so interesting, they have one of the biggest budgets on the grid and it´s not fair to have such a mediocre car.
    For Checo, it was just a bad year that grew him up and experienced him a lot. He can go to any other available seat on the market and change his colors, he´s an employee. But for McLaren, they will stay the same. They need to make changes, not only the driver, but management changes.
    Let´s wake up, McLaren only lives in the past, they need to change, to adapt.

  6. Victor Morales.

    Checo and McLaren are great, each on their own range.

  7. Enrique

    Let’s see. At the beginning of the 2013 season, the problem with the MP-4/28 was, in words said by Martin Withmarsh himself that “the correlation between the wind-tunnel data and the data at the tracks are not even similar”. This same wind-tunnel data which said that Button was half second faster than Perez at Abu Dhabi and the real data shows Perez being faster by 0.9 seconds than Button. Is this the same wind-tunnel which said that Magnussen is 0.3 seconds faster than Perez?

  8. I feel a bit sad that Checo is getting flicked. Will he be able to continue in F1 now?

  9. stan

    Button dropping heavy hints that sometimes a driver is plunged into F1 too soon etc etc.
    Plus Mclaren seem a bit snobby even the tech personnel
    They will follow same path as williams

  10. ulises martinez

    Creo que mclaren deberia darle una oportunidad mas a checo. Dado que no le ofrecio un Auto que por lo menos peleara Podiums y si no les convenia deberia comunicarselo 2 o tres carreras antes

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