Monisha Kaltenborn: “We have put a very challenging year behind us…”

The Sauber C33 was revealed online today

The Sauber C33 was revealed online today

Sauber team boss Monisha Kaltenborn remains optimistic about the upcoming season, despite the obvious financial squeeze at the Swiss team.

She made no reference to the difficult situation in a Q&A issued when the new car was unveiled online.

“We have put a very challenging year behind us,” said Kaltenborn. “The first half of 2013 in particular was difficult for us, but the second half saw us making significant strides. We learnt a great deal during this time and will be applying the lessons in the new season.”

Regarding prospects for the season, she said: “We’ll be having our roll-out in Jerez. That is always a very special moment, because first of all we’ll see if everything really fits together and if the car is running well. It also tells us if we have been working in the right direction for the last nine months. All this makes it a very emotional moment.

“Due to the big changes on the chassis side, but particularly on the drive train side, it is impossible to give any indication about our competitiveness. We can do that at the earliest after the winter tests, particularly when we have seen where we stand compared to our competitors. As always, it’s going to be our target to improve our position in the championship.”

Kaltenborn says she’s happy with the driver line-up.

“This year we have a very exciting driver line-up. On the one hand we have Adrian, a very experienced racing driver, and I’m happy that we finally had the opportunity to work together. On the other hand we have Esteban, a young talented driver who we have known for many years, and has also been a member of the team. This is very valuable considering the big changes that are coming this season. 

“I hope the drivers can get to know the car very quickly and that we have all our reliability issues sorted out, so that together with the drivers we can work on the performance and develop the car further.”

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One response to “Monisha Kaltenborn: “We have put a very challenging year behind us…”

  1. I really hope that F1 governance and (business) administration can be sorted out, a cost cap introduced, costs-reduced, revenue more fairly shared (including less wealth-extraction by CVC), Bernie jailed, FIA reclaim the commercial rights, and so on, so that teams like Sauber, Lotus and Caterham can compete effectively, and even make a lil’ money on the side in profit for their owners…

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