FIA confirms extra curfew ‘jokers’ for 2014

The FIA has now formally ratified a rule change that will allow teams to play six curfew jokers rather than only two.

Although the change was tabled some time ago it has only just been added to the latest version of the Sporting Regulations. It will be in place only for this season, and as such acknowledges that teams face extra challenges in the first year of the new rules.

The regulations now say: “No team personnel who are associated in any way with the operation of the cars are permitted within the confines of the circuit during one eight hour period which commences eleven hours before the start of P1 and one six hour period which commence nine hours before the scheduled start time of P3.

“Each team will be permitted six individual exceptions to the above during a Championship season, however, two of these exceptions may not be used during a single Event. [Note: Revert to previous number of two exceptions for 2015].”

Meanwhile on Friday in Bahrain team will discuss the proposed tweaks to the qualifying rules, which will give drivers an extra set of option tyres in Q3, to help guarantee that the track remains busy. The top 10 would then start with the tyres with which they set their best time in Q2.

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