Rosberg v Vettel: “It was either me or him…”

Nico Rosberg lost out to team mate Lewis Hamilton in Malaysian GP qualifying, and will start third for the second race in a row.

At the end of Q3 Rosberg pulled off a cheeky move when he passed Sebastian Vettel as he prepared to start his final lap.

“It was either me or him, and I decided it was going to be me!,” said Rosberg. “He didn’t see me. You never see in your mirrors, he didn’t see me coming, so it worked out OK for me. It wasn’t an ideal lap anyways, because I had to still be pretty close to Ricciardo, and the last part of the flying lap I couldn’t see where I was going, because I was too close.”

Nico said he wasn’t too upset at losing out to Hamilton and Vettel.

“They were a little bit quicker, both of them, on the full wets. On the inters I was more comfortable, but on full wets a little bit less comfortable, and I think they were just a bit quicker. It’s Ok. It’s a good place to start from tomorrow, anything’s possible from there in the race. I prepared well for the race on Friday, so it should be good.”

Asked if Sebastian Vettel’s wet pace was a sign that RBR is catching up, he had an interesting view point: “We don’t need warning signals, we’re expecting them already. They’re still the absolute benchmark in this sport, and they’re pushing like crazy, so we expect them to close the gap.”

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