Red Bull and McLaren claim top aero man Fallows is theirs

Red Bull and McLaren are embroiled in a legal tussle over the former’s new head of aerodynamics.

Red Bull confirmed today that Peter Prodromou is now on gardening leave pending his future arrival at McLaren, and that he has been replaced by Dan Fallows.

Fallows had also been destined for McLaren, but unlike Prodromou has clearly been convinced to return, and in a more senior role.

The team said in a statement: “Dan has worked as part of the team’s aerodynamic department for many years. Previously working as a Team Leader (Aerodynamics), he left the team for a short time last year. He has now returned to Infiniti Red Bull Racing to begin working in his new role.” It added: “We can confirm that Peter Prodromou has commenced a period of gardening leave; we would like to thank him for his valuable contribution during his time with the team.”

However McLaren racing director Eric Boullier said in a teleconference today that Fallows had a “legally binding” contract with the Woking team, and that the matter was in now in hands of lawyers.


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5 responses to “Red Bull and McLaren claim top aero man Fallows is theirs

  1. Mick

    Damage limitation by RBR. Can’t imagine McLaren will win anything more than a financial settlement now Fallows has been persuaded not to go.

    • Mclaren_Mircea

      They can stop Fallows from wirkinf for Red Bull at leat 6 months. Without Fallows and Prodromou next year’s car will be damaged on the aero side.
      Mclaren will not accept a financial agreement, you can be sure Ron will bite them by keeping Fallows 6 month out of Red Bull.

    • There is defo no loyalty in F1, and where will he end up by 2016? Mercedes! 😉

  2. Sounds just like when Newey left the first time in 02 or 03 when Bobby Rahal was running the team. They really don’t seem to like them.

  3. Ceej

    If Fallows was on gardening leave then he was still contracted to RBR. A McLaren contract could only have a start date once the notice period is over. English law does not enforce the contract if you change your mind before starting a job. In my industry it happens all the time. People even end up having signed multiple job contracts and then back out of the ones they don’t want or get poached while on gardening leave. And there is nothing you can do about it. You certainly can’t force gardening leave on someone who never worked for you. So, unlucky McLaren.

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