Vijay Mallya: Teams have to accept 2014 engine rules

Force India team boss Dr Vijay Mallya has no time for those who have criticised the F1 engine rules in recent weeks.

Mallya also has a seat on the FIA World Motor Sport Council, and was thus at the heart of the process that approved the 2014 rules. He says that they are set in stone.

“An FIA World Council decision is an FIA World Council decision,” Mallya told this writer. “Everybody has accepted it, the investments have been made, the engines are running. What is there to comment on now? It’s all fait accompli.

“I think Bahrain was a fantastic race. It was entertaining, and so many people messaged me to say it was a great race. There hasn’t been that much fuel saving and people having to slow down, so why complain? Everybody has their own opinions. In this sport unfortunately the teams can’t stick together and have one voice, so it’s something that one has got used to, that everyone has his own opinion.

“The thing is rules are rules. Some rules may suit some teams better than other teams, but that’s part of the game. We could have complained last year when after Silverstone Pirelli changed the tyres. I could have moaned and groaned every day, and said the team’s performance has been compromised. But where does it get me? Nowhere.”

Mallya says it’s up to the teams to improve their own performance.

“The rules are what they are, you have to build a competitive car and go win a race. Mercedes have done and they’re not complaining. Some say that the Renault package is giving trouble and cars that were competitive last year are not competitive this year, but that’s for them to sort out with Renault.

“We chose Mercedes, and fortunately Mercedes has done a superb job. The rules are the rules, and they were approved by all the various bodies. There was sufficient notice for the changes, so the bottom line is you have to compete within the rules.”


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8 responses to “Vijay Mallya: Teams have to accept 2014 engine rules

  1. “We chose Mercedes, and fortunately Mercedes has done a superb job.”
    I can’t help but smile after that statement. Imagine what it’s like to bet on the limping dog.
    Good luck and may the Force be with you.

  2. “There hasn’t been that much fuel saving and people having to slow down” – hmm, I tawt I taw a safety car… Besides, the next race could be boring, there’s no guarantee every GP will be like Bahrain, think it’s too early to celebrate and proclaim the new rules have won.

    As for Mercedes, they’re in it for PR only, their bigwigs from some Baaderstadt decided TV adverts feat. HAM and ROS would sell more outdated heavy German sedans. God knows how much money was spent on putting 2 cars on the grid, how big was the carbon footprint, etc.. If it’s green racing, then I’m Santa.

    The principle of the racing car differs so much from that the road car, there’s no way two are connected. F1’s a joke right now. I personally switched my attention to IndyCar, seems like a better proposition.

    • kcrossle

      Indycar engines are (and have been for ages) turbocharged. Limited to 12,000 rpm.

    • Kingszito

      It can never be worst than the last four years. At least ROS and HAM are allowed to race each other and they are evenly matched. Can’t wait for the next race! Bring it on!!!

      • Dat’s wot I’ve been saying: F1 is now for nerds who watch it only on TV. If u’re at a race track, you’ll be disappointed by these cars, they have no appeal. 2012 was OK actually, some epic races in 2011 as well. Last year I enjoyed to a certain degree. But don’t rejoice in MAMGP PR, when ROS/HAM crash, there’ll be team orders.

      • petes

        I wonder which of the races so far this season this geezer has viewed trackside? None is my reckoning.

    • There would be no F1 if companies were not in it for PR. And that goes for all top level motor sport for over 100 years. Are you saying no one else has spent a lot of money in recent times? How about Red Bull? And they are in it for drinks PR…

    • Steve W

      “carbon footprint” and “green”…

      I suggest you give up on auto racing and follow bicycle racing instead.

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