Haas thanks FIA after F1 entry confirmation

Gene Haas has now been formally granted a future F1 entry by the FIA, following confirmation by Bernie Ecclestone last weekend that the American had been successful in his bid.

Haas is set to forge a partnership with Ferrari. The FIA is relaxing limitations on sharing of technology next year, which will make his task a lot easier.

“Obviously, we’re extremely pleased to have been granted a Formula One license by the FIA,” Haas said in a statement. “It’s an exciting time for me, Haas Automation and anyone who wanted to see an American team return to Formula One.

“Now, the really hard work begins. It’s a challenge we embrace as we work to put cars on the grid.

“I want to thank the FIA for this opportunity and the diligence everyone put forth to see our license application come to fruition.”

Meanwhile the FIA noted that further investigation is being carried out regarding the second prospective team, Forza Rossa. As previously reported here it is being put together with Romanian money by Colin Kolles.

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One response to “Haas thanks FIA after F1 entry confirmation

  1. Steve C

    This is fantastic news. The Haas team may not win but it will be cheered. Good luck to all involved.

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