Caterham Group “is not for sale”

The Caterham Group has moved to address rumours that it is for sale – while conceding that fresh investment would be welcome.

A statement said: “Despite press rumours to the contrary, Caterham Group is not for sale. The reports circulating this weekend are factually incorrect.

“It is, however, true that the Group is actively searching for additional investment as it seeks to fulfil ambitious plans to develop. The shareholders of the Group, co-Chairmen Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, remain wholly committed to the Caterham brand.”

Meanwhile Tony Fernandes said: “Caterham Group is not for sale. We love what we build and we are always looking for further investment. This is no different to how we started AirAsia. Yes, we are constantly challenging ourselves and making decisions on everything from the structure to projects within the Group. That is normal business. That does not mean we are selling.”


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2 responses to “Caterham Group “is not for sale”

  1. petes

    Have to challenge themselves I guess as they’re sure as not challenging any other team.

  2. janis 1207

    Ok, so “Caterham Group” is not for sale.
    Doesn’t say anything about the Caterham F1 team, though

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