Christian Horner: “Mercedes has done the best job this year”

Christian Horner is adamant that Red Bull will bounce back this year after Mercedes ended the team’s four-year reign as constructors’ champions with today’s one-two finish in Russia.

“We’ve had a little bit of time to get our heads round it!,” Horner joked when asked if he was disappointed. “From February in reality. In all honesty Mercedes has done the best job this year. What it does is motivate you, you know how much work goes into winning a World Championship, and to win it four times in a row is an enormous achievement.

“We’ve had a disastrous year, but we’re still second. We’re the only other team to have won a Grand Prix, and three of them at that, this year. What we’ve managed to recover from this season, and the fact that we’ve managed to take them this far into the year, I think is very much a result in itself. The power units should hopefully converge, so into next season we should be able to give them a much bigger fight.”


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3 responses to “Christian Horner: “Mercedes has done the best job this year”

  1. Stefan

    Hi Adam, i am very critical about Red Bull in the Future. The Peak is over and now they run behind the succsess after 4 times championship. What is your meaning ? Kind Regards Steve.

  2. Jeremy

    > In all honesty Mercedes has done the best job this year.

    Hardly a shocking admission from him, really?

    In other news tonight, the Pope is Catholic and bears poop in the woods.

    • Steve

      Of course, Mercedes is on Top. Red Bull is working very hard i think, but i don’t know if Ricciardo wil broke in the rule as a leader. The Pressure on him to bring the Team back to the No.1 Rule can be bounce his mind.

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