Vettel still comfortable as Red Bull guards 2015 secrets

Sebastian Vettel believes that he has not been frozen out of technical discussions at Red Bull since he announced that he was leaving – but he concedes that inevitably he’s not being updated on developments for 2015.

“I think I’ve been long enough with the team to know what’s going on,” he said when asked if he was out of the loop. “So I don’t get pushed outside. After five years you know someone. There’s mutual trust.

“All the stuff that happens on the car for next year doesn’t get discussed with me, which is normal. But equally there’s stuff that we test here on the track which I’m sure will possibly be used next year, and from a team point of view it’s the best foot forward to use both of the cars to do that.

“Surely if it’s any kind of secret, I wouldn’t know about it since I told them I will leave. Like I said I don’t get pushed out, so I don’t feel like the third wheel on the wagon, or something like that.”


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4 responses to “Vettel still comfortable as Red Bull guards 2015 secrets

  1. Off Track

    There’s a group of RBR mechanics whose main job currently is to crowd in front of Dan’s car every time Seb glances towards that side of the garage 🙂

  2. I like Vettel more now that he’s leaving RBR.

  3. Stone the crows

    As if Ferrari didn’t h heave enough troubles the last thing they need right now is to acquire some intellectual property from another team, and further muddle up an already hamstrung program.

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