No licence for van der Garde as Sauber faces seizure of cars

It seems that time is running out for Giedo van der Garde in his quest for a superlicence, and there is now virtually no chance that he will have one granted today and thus be able to drive the Sauber.

As previously noted, one of the steps is that the Contracts Recognition Board has to approve legal aspects of a driver’s deal with a team. Monisha Kaltenborn wrote to the CRB last week to claim that the contract had been terminated, but despite the court rulings it seems that Sauber has not written to the CRB to reactivate the contract. That puts a stop to any attempt to fast track a licence through.

While the original Swiss arbitration ruling is evidence on van der Garde’s behalf that the contract is still valid, clearly it will take time for the CRB to make a call.

The next step is a court hearing at 1030 today in which Sauber could be found in contempt of court if Justice Croft deems that the team has not complied with his order and taken appropriate steps to put van der Garde in the car.

The CRB issue would seem to suggest a clear breach – so if this morning’s judgement goes against the team the judge can call for the team’s “assets in Australia” – its cars and equipment – to be seized by bailiffs. Given the timings this could even happen before the start of FP1 at 1230, which would mean no Saubers on track this weekend.

There is also potential for personal action against Kaltenborn as a director of the team.

This might not be a lucky Friday the 13th for the Swiss outfit…


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18 responses to “No licence for van der Garde as Sauber faces seizure of cars

  1. MCB

    It seems to me that Sauber is digging their own grave deeper and deeper. After the verdicts why doesn’t Sauber comply? Give Guido an access pass, make a seat, make the call to CRB, make the necessary calls for him to obtain a super license. In the end they could still put another driver in the car, but at least they were showing the court that did comply for the most part…

  2. I really feel for the employees of Sauber, who are looking increasingly likely to be looking for new jobs thanks to the incompetence and arrogance of their management.

    At best I fear they’ll be watching the Australian GP from the bar, with no cars to work on. Utterly, utterly stupid situation they find themselves in through no fault of their own.

  3. It seems ,for free training sessions ,the A -licence he already has is enough/
    thats ,how rookies usually can step in , in the first free sessions

  4. ronmon

    Yes, Sauber screwed up by starting the whole mess. Now the spoiled rich brat throws a tantrum and puts 300 hard working people out of a job. Neither of those actions are anything to be proud of.

    • moogle1

      probably thanks to all this ,,things finally will be sorted out properly for the small teams ,,because im sure the FIA wont like this drama repeat itself

      even drivers like Felipe massa or jenson button support this “legal”fight against the wrongs towards drivers ,contracts broken , no salary and no respect.
      adrian newy twittered that giedo was exposing what was wrong in todays F1
      stuff like this forces bernie to stop wringing the small teams dry

      and thats a bigger cause as only a team failing

      those mechanics will have a job in no time ,or maybe go to the next teamowner if sauber fails

      but the bigger fight is fought as well ,,without others having to get their hands dirty by speaking their greeves..

    • Gert

      Not van der Garde is putting them in risk of losing their jobs but the team owners haven’t complied with a court order…. You’re blaming the wrong guy, he’s standing up for his self, his sponsors and his staff. The company who runs his deal and owns the rights to his contracts is 24.000.000 EURO in debt so he has an obligation there to. How can you blame him? I think you should get the facts straight…….

    • Dave Cousin

      Guido Van Der Garde didn’t do it to put Sauber out of business he did it to get his drive back, if Sauber had accepted the ruling and sorted things out they wouldn’t be in danger of having assets seized so GVG can’t be blamed.

    • Abbinator

      ronmon — Really? Blame GVDG for Kaltenborn’s massive mistake and subsequent pig-headedness (breach of contract and deliberaely defying a court order, not to mention fraud) — seriously mate, your head is not screwed on right. It is a shame for 299 of the 300 employees, but 1 (Kaltenborn) is utterly responsible. Sign three drivers for two seats will always get you into trouble — then not to try to work out a deal to save your skin (and team) is just plain incompetent (especially when you consider Kaltenborn came from a legal background). I used to like her, her frankness and manner in interviews, but this is just plan bad.

      • Dave Cousin

        Signing 3 contracts for 2 seats is fraud and in some jurisdictions this would be a criminal not just a civil case. I don’t know about Switzerland but Kaltenborn could end up in Jail if she isn’t careful, at the very least she should resign as Team Principal.

    • Leo

      No tantrum ronmon, just fighting for what’s rightfully his! By the way, he is not rich, and Sauber is putting those 300 out ofr a job, not Guido!

  5. Robert McKay

    In a more sort of general way, it’s always impressive how F1 manages to find a new controversy/political fight/legal/courtroom drama to kick off the new season.

    You’d think they’d run out, but no…

  6. moogle1

    looks like Sauber asking for a driverchange ,and are starting to comply
    according to James Allen

  7. moogle1

    at this moment ,exactly ,Giedo vd G is making a seat at saubers

  8. moogle1

    ericksson is the unlucky guy that has to make place


    Always job security being an attorney in F1. It is truely fascinating at how much legal wrangling takes place amongst the teams in this circus. No seems capable of a straight answer these days. It is like the old joke of how to turn a large fortune into a small fortune. Join the F1 fracas at the back of the grid. Wonder how Mr.Hass will make out. What ever happened to Sir Richard Branson? Now I know why Lewis Hamilton left McLaren. Ron Dennis is insane.

  10. petes

    Hilarious the FIA attitude that the dispute is a matter between the team and Giedo – never heard of bringing the sport into disrepute…..

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