Vettel’s day made worse by grid penalty

Sebastian Vettel has suffered another blow after the FIA stewards handed him a five-place grid penalty for passing Roberto Merhi’s Marussia after a red flag came out in FP3 this morning.

Vettel said that the Marussia was going slowly, but the FIA has always regarded such an offence as very serious. That was emphasised by the fact that Vettel has also received three penalty points on his licence.

The German had qualified only 16th anyway after suffering ERS trouble in Q1. Also penalised is Max Verstappen, who goes back 15 places due his Monaco penalty and another for an engine change, while Jenson Button is at the back after failing to take part in qualifying.

Regarding his problem Vettel said: “Right from the start we didn’t have the full power available, so when I went out for the first run we tried to fix the problem, but we couldn’t. Due to the lack of power we couldn’t make it further. For sure we have to investigate but I don’t think that there’s anything to do with the engine. I think it has more with the electronical side, but I am confident that we can fix the problem in time for tomorrow’s race.”


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5 responses to “Vettel’s day made worse by grid penalty

  1. GeorgeK

    Hopefully the Kimster will avoid the electrical gremlins and put it to the Mercs. And maybe, just maybe, Seb will put on a show racing to a podium.

  2. Mick

    I think we are in for a great race with lots of action from the back half of the grid. Massa, Verstappen and Vettel will be racing hard to make up places, and Alonso won’t be easy to pass. The Mercs at the front won’t need much TV time.

    • GeorgeK

      In spite of the happy faces Alonso and Button put on, I can’t imagine the angst two former WDC’s are going through pushing these crap wagons around on track.

      • Peterg

        Alonso & Button pocket a hefty pay check each week, maybe that lessens some of the pain.

        What will MH deliver in 2016 for them? Can they expect a big step forward in engine performance?

  3. GeorgeK

    Peterg, they are paid huge salaries because of demonstrated past performance. With the expectation of having a competitive ride. Clearly McHonda (both parties) have fallen well below any reasonable expectation of performance.

    McLaren ‘ s chassis is a disappointment and I can’t find the words to describe Honda ‘ s abject lack of performance.

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