Kimi Raikkonen: “It gives me pleasure to see disappointed people…”

Kimi Raikkonen joked today that he is happy to see “disappointed people” after news of his new Ferrari contract stirred up some criticism from media and fans.

Raikkonen has been confirmed as Sebastian Vettel’s team mate for next season despite inevitable discussion about whether he deserves to stay on. Raikkonen said he’s pleased that the talk will now stop.

Obviously it is more easy,” he said. “People stop asking the same question. I would not sign the contract if I wouldn’t be happy here, if I wouldn’t think that I can drive well. The rest doesn’t really change. We go every race weekend the same way, we work the same way.

It’s just I think more easy for us, people leave us alone a little bit more and are not hassling us around these kind of things.

Obviously I am very happy about it. It gives me pleasure to see disappointed people! When it comes to next year obviously it is a different story again with the different rules.”

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