Campos to be HRT, not Hispania

As we suggested yesterday, the ex-Campos team will not officially be known as Hispania Racing, as that name was not accepted by the FIA. Instead it will use only those initials, and will henceforth be the  HRT F1 team. 

The full plans will be announced in Murcia tomorrow. Meanwhile the team’s statement reiterated its intentions to be ready for Bahrain: “Campos Meta 1 has been renamed ‘HRT F1’ Team, (Hispania Racing F1 Team) following Jose Ramon Carabante’s acquisition of Campos Meta 1 earlier in February. The new team name and identity is strongly linked to its Spanish roots and the team base will be in Murcia, near Alicante, Spain. The highly motivated squad around Dr Colin Kolles continues its preparations at full speed to make its F1 debut at the first round of the FIA 2010 F1 season at the Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix on 14 March.”

Kolles said: “The new team name signifies a new birth for our Formula One ambitions and highlights the incredible effort that is going on behind the scenes to ensure we make a successful debut in Bahrain on 14 March. While we are a new team in the paddock, we will be very proud to stand alongside such legendary names as Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and Lotus, as we hope to build our own reputation in the coming years.”

It will be interesting to see how the news is received by Australia’s HRT, the Holden Racing Team. The outfit has been established for 20 years and is in effect backed by General Motors, who might not be too happy about it. The Kolles rescue of Campos has of course been linked with future investment from the VW Group.


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16 responses to “Campos to be HRT, not Hispania

  1. rubbergoat

    HRT… hmm, Hormone Replacement Therapy or Holden Racing Team down in Australia. Not sure Holden will be happy someone else will be using their initials either?

    I must say that all of the names suggested by this entry have been very lacklustre!

  2. jonas

    Have you any idea what the problem with Hispania Racing was???

  3. jonas

    …. sorry, I mean, what the problem with allowing the team to use that name was.

  4. elephino

    HRT (Aus) probably won’t be happy – Tom Walkinshaw is essentially in charge…

  5. Ben G

    To women of a certain age HRT is known the world over as hormone replacement therapy. Bad omen…

  6. Bjørn

    Will just thank Adam Cooper for he´s blog. Already it’s the place to look for the latest CORRECT news.


  7. F1 Kitteh

    High Risk of Tanking

  8. High Talk Requirement or do mean high tourque requirement?

  9. Or High Risk Takeover – they are endless

  10. Marko

    HRT – Hrvatska Radio Televizija (Croatian Radiotelevision). It would be funny, they are broadcasting F1 in Croatia.

  11. Prisoner Monkeys

    Adam, I don’t think the Holden Racing Team is going to get much say in the matter, even if they didn’t have their own problems to worry about (ie having the worst possible start to the season while their main competition won the first four races).

  12. Bodes

    I would be staggered if there are not some trade mark issues around HRT. It is Australia most successful team, backed by GM and Wilkinshaw….
    they should be

    hisrac f1

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