Sebastian Vettel: “I think we’ve seen crazy races…”

Sebastian Vettel says it would be a ‘huge honour’ to join the list of Monaco GP winners this weekend.

One of the few drivers with an appreciation of the sport’s history, Vettel said he would be happy to add the Monaco trophy to his growing collection.

“I wouldn’t mind!,” he joked today. “It’s a nice Grand Prix, I think we all enjoy coming here, seeing it from a spectator’s point of view it’s a nice thrill, you can get very close to the cars.

“There’s just so many things different, and obviously the history of the Grand Prix here and the tradition is huge, and it would be a huge honour to put your name down on the list of winners around here. We’ll see. But on the other hand it’s a long race, a lot of crazy things happened here already. I think you can never be too sure at any time, really.”

While the emphasis in Monaco has always been on getting pole, Vettel conceded that this year’s tyre situation has complicated things.

“I think it always has been very important to make sure you start from the front. Surely overtaking is not very popular round here, it’s very tight, there’s not a lot of space. The higher up you qualify on Sunday surely the better your chances are on Sunday.

“I think we’ve seen crazy races with a lot of things happening this year with the tyres, we don’t know yet what to expect here, how many stops. For sure you want this to give you the flexibility probably to try something, whereas in the past usually it was a one-stop race, or maybe a two-stop.

“I don’t know how many stops we’ll have this weekend, it’s very hard to judge the supersoft performance, so we’ll see where we are tomorrow.”

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